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Flick Fan - 55 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 25, 2017

Location: USA

Bio: Once there was a Chinese woodcarver. He had gotten the provision to crave the bell stand from the temple bells to hang in. It was a very fine provision. The finest a woodcarving Chinese could get. He started with good spirits but as he was carving he start thinking about all money he would be rewarded and the stand didn't turn out very well so he tore it down and started again. But unfortunately this time he came to think about all the love the people would show him when they saw the beautiful stand. So when he was thinking about this the stand turned out crocked and ugly. So the Chinese woodcarver tore it down and start from scratch again. But it didn't succeed the third time either for this time he came to think about that he would be immortal by building this stand. So he tore it down once again and became as mad a Chinese woodcarver can become. Then he started a fourth time and this time he only thought about making the stand and then he succeeded and won both money, love, and immortality.
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