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13% Scream (2022) - Rated 25 Jul 2022
"flabbergasted how this was so high on many people's scream franchise rankings. Maybe I'm just old to tell but this feels so out of touch with teen culture and movie fandom. The new cast is boring except for Mikey Madison, who's hilarious, but i hope she didn't typecast herself as the girl whose face always gets messed up."
31% Kimi (2022) - Rated 25 Jul 2022
"very sleek, well put-together and shallow. There's something almost too cute how it wraps up the tech surveillance plot that it almost feels like satire but I can't see it that way other than actual sincerity; the final spoken line in the movie left me incredulous. Maybe I'll reevaluate this later on a second watch as actually deeply satirical but I doubt it."
13% The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018) - Rated 25 Jul 2022
"I tend to like messy movies because there's some raw untapped energy to them or daring imagery but this one.. ain't good. A lot of the ideas don't stick or give way to anything beautiful, which is too bad, because there are moments where the satire actually works, a lot due to Driver and Pryce performances and production design. At least Gilliam got it out of his system"
13% Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) - Rated 25 Jul 2022
"Have to admire how the filmmakers threw every topical culture war along with the kitchen sink but H2O this ain't, Resurrection maybe. There's parts where it almost manages to capture a similar visceral violence as tcm but it's just too goofy a movie. Fun though."
63% Michael Clayton (2007) - Rated 25 Jul 2022
"very sleek movie about corporate greed, where everyone's tired and empty due to being at constant war with themselves. Every character is just perfect but special mention to Sydney Pollack as an affable corporate lawyer who works people to the bone until they're hollow husks devoid of humanity, but will always leave you thinking he's actually the one doing you a favour."
63% Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001) - Rated 25 Jul 2022
"Bebop is already a very episodic show, so having a bigger story arc is kinda like a no-brainer. The screenplay hits all the right marks and the animation is incredible, but the longer runtime kinda drags a bit."
63% Patlabor 2 (1993) - Rated 25 Jul 2022
"Oshii captures the surreal of modern day war with pov shots from the lenses on devices broadcasting propaganda or news about military rolling into Tokyo. People keep living their dream of peacetime while tanks stationed in shibuya. It's a slow film, the kind of scifi more focused on the mechanics of its hulking "peacekeeping" weaponry; curiously, those mechanics are far less ambiguous than the political machinations, lending to their ambiguity."
31% Jack Reacher (2012) - Rated 25 Jul 2022
"rewatching this after watching the new series it's fun to find the common elements between the two and how much Reacher needs a counterweight like Herzog's performance to his perfect guy persona. While I like seeing Cruise in this, no amount of acting or McQuarrie's direction can sell the line where the receptionist lady namedrops Cruise as a guy who can kill someone in one punch."
63% Ambulance (2022) - Rated 25 Jul 2022
""I can run a mini-war from here" - says the villain from Justified Season 6 as he shows his dystopian surveillance gear.Bay takes a Danish original — which is a lean 90 mins action thriller — and pumps it with so much Americana ballooning it into a 2hr+ insanity on the war on terror and even blm A lot of it just left me stunned, like I couldn't believe what I was witnessing in the final minutes. Picturing a beat cop watching this and tearing up "this is what it's about""
13% Downfall: The Case Against Boeing (2022) - Rated 25 Jul 2022
"informative if a bit too lean and going through the motions of cinematic journalism"