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85 80% Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (1989) - Oct 27, 2019
"Not an artificial film but a film about artifice, its tensions and sensations, described in the very friendly rivalry between Beltran's wide-eyed houseboy and the chauffeur across the way, a promiscuous and toxically charming snake played by Ray Sharkey (did they know?!) and their bet on bedding their bosses (Woronov and Bisset, pitch-perfect both). Had to add Arnetia Walker & Edith Diaz myself? You racist fucks. Someone needs to write an indignant essay on Blackness in Bartel, lolz"
75 62% High Velocity (1976) - Jul 06, 2019
"Would-be hoo-rah actioner that, barring one wild car chase, withholds all the expected satisfactions in favour of a seething attack on Western capitalist exploitation abroad. Early buddy-buddy shit is laid on a little thick, maybe all the better for the gutpunch conclusion, remarkably fatalistic even for the era of downbeat chic that produced it. Some effort and skill apparent in the visuals (and that is one hell of a bold cold open) but the only (?) circulating copy is nearly unwatchable."
75 62% Twisted Issues (1988) - Aug 18, 2018
"Some godless amalgam of surreal splatter comedy, bad skate video, and No Waveish art project on Gainesville scumfucks. Recommended, obviously."
80 71% Julie: Old Time Tales of the Blue Ridge (1991) - May 09, 2020
"Hard to describe how Blank & his often "outsider" (read: insider) collaborators film nature--the simple methods merge their remarkable subjects and those subjects' remarkably unremarkable surroundings with a sense of continuous re-enchantment that brings to mind Wendell Berry on a battered old bucket on his family farm: "I never go by without looking in. For what is going on [inside] is the most momentous thing I know, the greatest miracle that I have ever heard of: it is making earth.""
70 51% Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget (2008) - May 09, 2020
"A long, long time ago, before Twitter murdered comedy and sent its widow a corsage made of carpet samples and Chinese newspapers, Norm Macdonald's set here was a lightning rod for the worst people alive: comedy nerds. But hey, when you're right, you're right. Wait, did I say right? I meant white. So. Fucking. White. ANYWAZE it plays just as brilliantly now, even/especially as he's sewn the schtick into a great American(adian) laff quilt which is to say high and strangely poignant aesthetic ideal"
75 62% Romancing the Stone (1984) - Jul 22, 2019
"I would like to emphasize first how exquisite a bit of phrasing is "insects the size of sanitation trucks", second how rare it is for a movie like this to make you pause and take pleasure in the dialogue. There's certainly nothing as good in any Indy, nor as delightful as the way Zemeckis's wittier sense of cartoon timing complements Turner's wonderful, physical performance--her "WHAT?!" at the first gun, that "EAYEAGH!" as she drops from the swinging rope. Counterpoints of care and craft."
70 51% The Seduction of Misty Mundae (2004) - Apr 17, 2020
"when ur quarantine becomes one of those twilight zones with the stressed businessman going back to his hometown except it's with stuff u spanked it to in 10th grade"
90 88% Tanner '88 (1988) - Apr 04, 2017
"Cartoonist Trudeau proves Altman's ideal collaborator on American politics, their complementary gliberalism, through typical Altmany alchemy, taking the glibness of discourse itself in the TV age and resulting depreciation on "the currency of ideas"--a fave phrase of New Left vet Tanner--and making something inspired and incisive of it. On politics-as-entertainment it overlaps neatly with the "Reach Out and Elect Someone" chapter of Neil Postman's AMUSING OURSELVES TO DEATH. 'Great TV', indeed"
100 98% The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976) - Nov 17, 2019
""The was [sic] the ED SULLIAVAN [sic] for the second generation of the KISS ARMy [sic]" - Felony Strutter (Youtube, 2019). What more could one say?"
90 88% Quick Billy (1971) - Apr 12, 2016
"Supposed to start at 7:30. Get to the gallery at 7:25. Thing's been on for like ten minutes. Three reel changes, guy calls a break after each one. Molly starts a-singin' when all the family photo stuff starts up and it gets so intense I gotta leave and man my stomach hurts BUT WAIT it crests and oh my God the world is gold and I'm in a Terence Davies montage. Placeholder score till one-sitting"