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95 95% Perceval le Gallois (1978) - Oct 09, 2020
"Though the aesthetic is part of a specific agenda, the variety/richness of its pleasures prompt a pang for the near-absence of hist. films risking anything like it. How nice to feast your eyes on action & handmade sets for their cultivated fakeness rather than avert your eyes from CG equivalents' standardized fakeness. Rohmer's remarks that true modernity involves fidelity to the past find an echo in Wendell Berry: if using a computer is a new choice, then choosing not to use one is even newer."
100 98% The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976) - Nov 17, 2019
""The was [sic] the ED SULLIAVAN [sic] for the second generation of the KISS ARMy [sic]" - Felony Strutter (Youtube, 2019). What more could one say?"
80 73% Downsizing (2017) - May 24, 2019
"Depressing to see its politics written off as a "product of environmentalism and classist bullshittery" or worse, "trendy liberalism". Would that it were trendy to criticize our susceptibility to engineered desires, ghastly conflation of consumerism and activism, and predilection for corporatized comfortbait and apocalyptic hysteria at the expense of direct action and local care. Payne's patented crying-closeup-that-dares-you-to-find-it-grotesque missed for many; proof to me of tonal mastery."
75 64% Speech/Acts: A Dialectical Comedy (2020) - Apr 03, 2020
""Reading delivers on the promise that sex raises but hardly ever can fulfill – getting larger 'cause you're entering another person's language, cadence, heart and mind." - Chris Kraus, I LOVE DICK"
75 64% Twisted Issues (1988) - Aug 18, 2018
"Some godless amalgam of surreal splatter comedy, bad skate video, and No Waveish art project on Gainesville scumfucks. Recommended, obviously."
70 53% The Seduction of Misty Mundae (2004) - Apr 17, 2020
"when ur quarantine becomes one of those twilight zones with the stressed businessman going back to his hometown except it's with stuff u spanked it to in 10th grade"
30 12% Swamp Thing (1982) - Nov 03, 2020
"A crummy movie with a compelling performance by Adrienne Boobeau. I mean Adrienne Barboobs. I mean SWAMP THEM THAAAAAANGS"
50 26% Teenage Twins (1976) - Mar 28, 2020
"There was a weird trope in 'classic' porn of one sister turning out another, sometimes for kicks, sometimes for cash, still others for Cthulu. (Actually typing that out now I realize it's just an update of the white slavery trope of ye olde bawdy potboilers). Anyway this shoulda been the best, with the superkewt Youngs as twins who can feel each other's orgasms and Baba Booey's gross uncle as their college professor stepdad who is attempting to track down the Necronomicon oh hey look 500 charac"
100 98% Benjamin Smoke (2000) - Mar 10, 2021
"Benjamin and GG Allin were both queer artists whose pansexuality was inextricable from their infamous performances; who proselytized with poignant naivete for the Dionysian ecstasies of rock and roll; whose substance-heavy pursuit of said ecstasies led to like deaths at like ages. Diff is one was a bore and a sadist (a forseeable result of adding childhood abuse to the equation), the other a gentle and soulful man who made music you might actually want to listen to: https://tinyurl.com/3hjfkvhd"
70 53% The Last Dance (2020) - Aug 27, 2020
"Love how no matter his singular ability or editorial control Jordan's life still comes off like an Elmore Leonard novel. Gambling sprees with dudes named Slim Bouler and Dick Esquinas. Minor league baseball hijinx. The, uhm, disappearance and brutal murder of his father. This one kind of got away from me."