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Member Since: Feb 2, 2018

Location: Virgin Islands, U.S.

Age: 166

Bio: Cinema is a thing that I enjoy.
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70 39% If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) - Jan 15, 2019
"Felt like it was created just to be a critic's darling. The cinematography and soundtrack are used skillfully. However the film feels like it's too in love with itself. There are so many ridiculous longing stares into the camera that it would make even the most vain blush. The melodrama dial is set to an 11. But a strong performance from Layne and some masterful film making keep this slow burn of a movie tolerable. Perhaps it went over my head, but I don't get the hype on this one."
85 91% Over the Garden Wall (2014) - Jan 15, 2019
"Feels like a western Spirited Away. The plotline meanders about and jumps to and fro towards the middle of the series, but it finds a heartfelt, albeit safe conclusion. All the while it exudes charm through it's terrific voice-acting and soundtrack, one of the best I've heard in an animated work. The animation though is inconsistent, some episodes it feels more inspired than others; however it remains imaginative throughout, and creates a world you wouldn't mind getting lost in. Ominous yet cute"
87 96% Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - Dec 25, 2018
"One of the most imaginative and creative animated films of the last decade. A must-see for any fans of the webby protagonist or just good animation in general. It successfully juggles a large star studded cast with well written story arcs for nearly all characters. Despite the PG rating it manages to please all audiences and it's humor is self-referential without trying too hard. It's topped off with a moody fitting soundtrack, and a poignant Stan Lee cameo to boot. The biggest surprise of 2018."
85 91% The Lobster (2015) - Dec 25, 2018
"Introspective, it utilizes it's bleak dystopian setting for metaphors that explore the human desire to love and be loved, whether or not love is a selfish act, as well as the societal pressures to settle down with a partner. Laden with quirky, deadpan humor, it's comedic tone helps create levity to contrast dark subject matter. It's open-interpretation style of storytelling might be perceived as contrived tho. Marred by a slow first act and a wandering script, it falls just short of cult classic"
59 16% Aquaman (2018) - Dec 21, 2018
"The cinematic definition of "all flash, no substance." It plays out like a videogame, a myriad of quests piling up on top of one another, one boss to conquer after the other. All the while littered with cliches, tropes, and cheesy, eye-rolling dialogue. It's saturated stylishness does help paint the idea of epic grandiose, however surface level it feels. The visuals do make it the strongest entry of the DC universe; but I'm not sure that's saying much. Momoa tries his best to carry a poor script"
80 69% Green Book (2018) - Dec 06, 2018
"If you're willing to ignore the white savior overtones, historical inaccuracies, and accept that it wants to be more of a buddy film than a societal statement there's a good movie to be found here. Ali and Mortensen have a terrific chemistry; despite predicting all the music swelling and heart string pulling moments it still works. If you're looking for something deeper or a legitimate Don Shirley biopic you'll be disappointed. But there's nothing wrong with a feel good movie every now and then."
55 11% Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) - Nov 21, 2018
"The princess scene is the only thing that feels fresh in the movie. The rest of the movie doesn't differentiate itself enough to feel original and is full of tryhard child-friendly internet meta jokes that would've been funny back in 2014; they are several years too late for that kind of humor to feel new. "
77 55% Wreck-It Ralph (2012) - Nov 20, 2018
68 34% Mandy (2018) - Nov 18, 2018
79 62% Queer Eye (2018) - Nov 17, 2018