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71 45% Another Round (2020) - May 02, 2021
"I haven't watched a Mads Mikkelsen performance for more than 6 years. Since I rate him highly, I was naturally very excited to watch this one. Boy oh boy playing in Druk was a poor choice on his part. I can't put my finger on what was missing exactly, maybe its poor script and direction, or maybe an inexistent emotional connection to the struggles of these middle aged men?"
74 59% Nomadland (2020) - May 02, 2021
"How frustrating it is to see Frances settle for the exact same roles again and again. Even more so we know how talented she really is. Nomadland isn't deserving of an Oscar for best picture. Maybe it is for its beautiful Americana cinematography. But as always it's not enough for me to truly enjoy a movie. ChloƩ left me hungry for more... One thing she did really well though is imbuing the movie with that sad atmosphere of the nomadic way of life. Realizing that we live and die alone."
77 74% My Octopus Teacher (2020) - May 02, 2021
"By showcasing his unique relationship with an octopus, Craig made me question in 90min, my entire existence and way of life. How little I know about the world around me. His dedication and hard work to find the octopus every single day was truly inspiring. It was incredibly endearing to see that relationship develop little by little. Their first physical contact made me tear up. And what are the odds of his son finding and holding what was probably its tiny surviving offspring. Just fascinating."
73 52% Nobody (2021) - May 02, 2021
"Being a fan of Bob Odenkirk's work I thought this movie would be of a different stature than the commonly unoriginal action/crime movie. Well not quite. It's a John Wick / Kingsman hybrid with less repetitive fighting scenes at best. I maybe giggled once or twice mainly when Christopher Lloyd was involved. Other than that, with a plot as thin as foil, it was a forgettable experience. I should give up on modern action movies at this point."
77 74% The Father (2021) - Apr 25, 2021
"I haven't seen a lot of POV-like movies that depict with such poignancy the experience of a person suffering from dementia. We're embarked on a journey with the excellent Anthony, trying to make sense of his crumbling reality and overwhelming fogginess and distress. Alongside the talented Olivia suffering just as much, with care and courage, as a witness to the decay of her ungrateful father. That beautifully sad scene with his nurse about his mommy made me tear up. Life going full circle."
75 66% Jujutsu Kaisen (2020) - Apr 18, 2021
"JJK had potential that was completely destroyed, as usual, by the unnecessary Naruto/Bleach/...-like filler episodes and plots. None of it contributed to the main story nor to the characters development. For the love of god, couldn't we have a quality sh?nen that cuts to the chase, just for once? :("
75 66% The Kid Detective (2020) - Apr 13, 2021
"This movie's tone took me by surprise even though I watched a part of its trailer. For a dark comedy it wasn't very funny but the plot was cleverly thought through which concluded on a unexpected twist. I was really glad to know that Adam Brody was still around, almost 15 years since I last watched him in anything really. And I was not disappointed."
71 45% Shiva Baby (2021) - Apr 13, 2021
"I hoped for much more than what Shiva Baby managed to deliver. It was just 77min long and it was still too long. The lesbian couple dynamic was just off and unnecessary. Rachel Sennott was an unconvincing highlight of the movie."
73 52% Shithouse (2020) - Apr 13, 2021
"Not what I expected. From time to time you get to enjoy a low-budget indie Coming-Of-Age gem, but even if Cooper Raiff tried really hard, it wasn't enough for Shithouse's lacking script. I resisted quitting mainly for the relativeness of Cooper's character. His vulnerability and honesty on the screen."
50 9% Saturday Night Fever (1977) - Apr 13, 2021
"Even The Bee Gees genius couldn't save this really bad movie. It's astonishing how prevalent bad acting was in the 60s, 70s and early 80s. How can seasoned professionals sign-off on such horrendous dialogues and idiotic characters. Thankfully Travolta was pretty good overall and his **really good** dancing made the whole experience a bit enjoyable."