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76 70% Sharp Objects (2018) - Jan 31, 2021
"Another HBO miniseries that was nearly good. It started REALLY slow, which almost made me stop watching it. Add to that the predictable unoriginal bleakness of police/crime shows... It somehow got better, halfway, thanks to Amy's performance of a broken human being. The editing was... interesting. The psychological abuse was very well portrayed by the great Patricia Clarkson. The ending was a bit unexpected but it's was too little too late. Eliza Scanlen is a rising star, she's incredible."
65 36% Promising Young Woman (2020) - Jan 31, 2021
"The overall aesthetic of this was really cool but couldn't save the anticlimactic end product. It's one of those movies you forget the moment you switch off the TV. Some potentially really good ideas were, unfortunately, poorly executed. If you want to make a movie about revenge (especially on rape), then make it bloody, make it dark, take risks or go home. Also, why the hell would you cast Bo Burnham as the boyfriend? His interactions with Carey Mulligan were so off."
78 76% Generation War (2013) - Jan 31, 2021
"I enjoyed this 3-part telefilm. Getting to understand the German perspective was particularly appealing to me. Overall, the actors gave convincing performances, especially the Winter brothers: Volker Bruch & Tom Schilling, the rest of the characters weren't very well written. The costumes and special effects were really good for a ZDF show. But the ending felt forced, unnatural and just plain unrealistic. "
83 94% Horace and Pete (2016) - Jan 31, 2021
"It's been a long while since I was this impacted by a tv show. The first 6 episodes are absolute masterpieces of dialogue and narration (E03 OMG). I couldn't get enough and I really didn't want it to end. Horace and Pete is one of the most beautiful tragedies I've seen. It clearly showed me that I crave and love story telling. Getting rid of Alan Alda was the worst decision they made all season and the drop in quality was felt instantly. He was so incredibly good. Alongside Laurie Metcalf."
80 82% Our Planet (2019) - Jan 31, 2021
"The pictures were absolutely gorgeous. State of the art filming technology. It's fascinating how the smallest minutiae was captured at the most impossible of times. Just beautiful. It was almost a bit too perfect, too slick for my taste. When watching my wildlife documentaries, I like them a bit more rough on the edges. And I also LOVE to see and know about the camera crew's experience, being that close to such incredible feats. Themed episodes weren't really themed... it was all over the place."
73 52% Over the Garden Wall (2014) - Jan 31, 2021
"Not for me. I was hoping it'd be a weird/quirky cartoon that would appeal for adults, but far from it. It was too conventional, boringly monotonous, and un-innovative. I thought Collin Dean was brillant, his lines were endearing and witty and his voice acting really good."
80 82% Petite fille (2020) - Jan 31, 2021
"I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary about such a taboo topic. It must be one of the most difficult situations a parent can be in. Luckily for Sasha she seems to have a loving and supporting family. I feel for her mother and I hope she'll be able to finally relieve herself of all that weighing guilt she accumulated along the years."
78 76% Olive Kitteridge (2014) - Dec 27, 2020
"I'm glad I saw this one. Frances McDormand is such an incredible actress, I cannot get enough of her performances. The first and last episodes were by far my favorites. Both had that Fargo-vibe, that quirky realness of everyday life. The other two were lacking a bit of direction, of purpose, in depicting the evolution of Olive's character. The acting was brilliant, a special mention to Richard Jenkins and Zoe Kazan. I just wish it was even more "Fargo-esque"."
74 60% Daniel Sloss: X (2019) - Dec 27, 2020
"I'm usually quite fond of Sloss' humour. He's by far one of my favorite comedians. Yet, I was quite disappointed by the first half of this special (most of his jokes were so painfully predictable and not very funny) but he somehow **brilliantly** managed to turn it around by tweaking the tone and temperature of the show gradually before trapping us all male frogs."
76 70% Sincerely Louis CK (2020) - Dec 26, 2020
"Still not a big fan of Louis CK, nor of his humour. Some of his jokes were a bit too lazy or he dragged them too long, as usual. But a third of his show was actually pretty funny. For a first special in 3 years, it wasn't too bad."