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95 T10 X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) - Jun 25, 2017
"This may not be the most unique and striking of the X-Men films, but it's definitely the best. It blends the incredibly rich and relevant themes of the first two films in the franchise with the tone of First Class, all while still having great writing, well-rounded characters, and solid performances. There's a little bit of a fight for screen time among the ensemble, but it doesn't distract from this beautifully directed and thoroughly entertaining entry in the X-Men franchise. "
84 T8 Wonder Woman (2017) - Jun 13, 2017
72 T7 Trial & Error (2017) - Jun 10, 2017
89 T9 The Sixth Sense (1999) - Jun 06, 2017
"Full disclosure: I knew the twist going in, but I still really enjoyed this film. The Sixth Sense is a bit of an odd duck in its genre when it comes to its pacing (largely because of the twist ending), but that makes it feel really unique and quite chilling at times. Osment and Willis work quite well together and both put some solid performances on screen. I love the way the twist is executed, and even if you know it going in, this can still be an incredibly compelling film. "
97 T10 Arrested Development (2003) - Jun 06, 2017
83 T8 Friends (1994) - May 22, 2017
"In spite of its final two seasons' poor plotlines, Friends's ability to be consistently funny and down-to-earth, as well as its incredible cast, makes it one of the most memorable sitcoms of all time. "
T1 I'm Not Ashamed (2016) - May 22, 2017
74 T7 13 Reasons Why (2017) - May 09, 2017
74 T7 Batman (1989) - Apr 04, 2017