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43 73% Altered States (1980) - Rated 04 Mar 2021
"A wild film that hits particularly close to home for me. Some point out that Hurt and his wife don't have much chemistry. I would argue that this film is successfully showing the dynamic between an obsessive, somewhat inhuman scientist (similar to Cronenberg's work) and the non-material world. As a science grad, I'm always happy to see a movie that has a proper understanding of the pitfalls of a materialist, scientific mindset. Altered States is a great example."
15 4% Soul (2020) - Rated 04 Mar 2021
"It's particularly putrid that this film, which is expressly about how it's an individual's responsibility to "live life to the fullest", came out while world governments abandoned their most vulnerable citizens to die in poverty as plutocrats ate caviar from condor skulls. Most people are actively being prevented from "living well" by external forces, this is a fact of life. "Soul" cost $150 million and contains about 5 cents worth of social critique. The cat was funny."
40 54% Resolution (2012) - Rated 03 Mar 2021
"A very interesting little film. It feels like there are two movies here, which is something I usually say as a criticism. However, the two movies that make up Resolution are both great, even if the ending doesn't totally hold together. The performances are full of energy and humour and the camera gets a lot of mileage out of the almost alien scrubland. Also, it's worth seeing without spoilers if you can manage it."
38 42% Tales of Terror (1962) - Rated 03 Mar 2021
"Of the Corman films I've seen, this one was easily the best. These stories move quickly (pace has been a problem with the other Corman films I've seen) and the performances are great. Some of the sequences and shots are still genuinely frightening today."
32 23% The Raven (1963) - Rated 03 Mar 2021
"There are some funny moments throughout (Lorre is especially good) but the middle drags on for far too long. The highlight is probably the magical duel at the end which still manages to be very entertaining despite the extremely dated sfx."
48 95% Most Beautiful Island (2017) - Rated 24 May 2020
"One of the best thrillers I've ever seen. I was literally (not figuratively) on the edge of my seat for the entire final act."
30 19% Greener Grass (2019) - Rated 02 Feb 2020
"I really wanted to love this, but while the film has a unique aesthetic and some fun surreal comedy, it also doesn't really have anything new to say. As it stands, it's a fairly entertaining collection of sketches that runs way too long."
25 13% Jennifer's Body (2009) - Rated 06 Oct 2019
"I probably would have enjoyed it more if I'd seen it as a teenager (it seems to have attained semi-cult status among people who were in high school when it was first released). Seeing it now, it just feels like an average Buffy rip-off with snappier writing."
0% London Fields (2018) - Rated 08 Sep 2019
"My dog makes a better movie everyday on his morning walk."
45 85% Wild Tales (2014) - Rated 28 Jul 2019
"If you make an anthology film and only one of the segments doesn't work perfectly, then you've made a fantastic anthology film. Wild Tales is a fantastic anthology film."