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Location: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

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50 4% True Story (2015) - Jul 02, 2015
"This could-be wicked little cat-and-mouse game falls flat due to tonal missteps and its woeful miscasting of Hill in particular. Not that Christian Longo deserves any better..."
90 97% Rushmore (1998) - Feb 04, 2015
"The less Anderson feels so self-consciously Anderson, the better. And this is it. "
90 97% Alle Anderen (2009) - Jul 08, 2015
"A gut-wrenching chronicle of a breakup that voyeuristically captures all of the imperceptible tremors and shifts that can alter a relationship. Maybe its allure lies in the chemistry of the actors, in Eidinger's thoughtful-yet-cold blue eyes, and Minichmayr's brazen-yet-insecure demeanor--why are they together? Why is anyone together? The emotional truths will leave you gutted because they're so familiar."
90 97% Amy (2015) - Jul 25, 2015
"Peter Travers (surprisingly) puts it best: "Look, listen and weep.""
65 11% Lost River (2015) - Jun 01, 2015
"Gosling certainly has taste and an eye, but he needs to develop his OWN eye. All things considered, it was an interesting disaster, an empty and too-obvious pastiche of Malick-Lynch-Argento-Refn."
80 49% Inherent Vice (2014) - Feb 18, 2015
"If the point of this film was to recreate an in-joke of a Pynchon novel shrouded in a seedy, candy-colored California marijuana cloud, in turn both batty and melancholy, then well done, Mr. Anderson. Perhaps best seen as a celluloid fever dream about America's final, post-Manson loss of innocence at the turn of the decade...But beyond that, I'm still as confused as Doc Sportello. Maybe THAT's the point, man. "
92 99% Oslo, August 31st (2011) - Jul 02, 2015
"Like the memory of a haunting dreamscape you can't escape, this film's eerily steady procession toward its inevitable conclusion won't soon leave your conscious or unconscious mind. "
84 70% Actress (2014) - Jul 02, 2015
"A strange, lovely film that expertly blurs the line between artifice and authenticity."
92 99% Victoria (2015) - Jul 02, 2015
"Audacious cinema, and nary (or rarely) a false note. A movie that makes you excited about movies all over again."
85 77% Listen Up Philip (2014) - Jul 02, 2015
"Another perfect vehicle for Schwartzman's inimitable blend of neurosis and cruel wit. It loses steam in the last third, or whenever Elisabeth Moss's beautifully expressive face is absent from the screen."