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Celluloid Junkie - 4111 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 17, 2006

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Status: Attached

Bio: I like to think I have a very wide interest in film but I have a particular soft spot for: horror, samurai/jidaigeki, spaghetti westerns and 70's kung fu flicks.
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72 63% The Limits of Control (2009) - Jan 27, 2010
"007 on xanax."
79 84% Adam Chaplin (2011) - Jan 17, 2014
"Great return-to-form for Italian splatter! I cracked up before the boss fight when Adam shows up parading around with the bad guy's son impaled on a pole. "
85 93% The Gold Rush (1925) - Aug 20, 2009
"Has it all; romance, comedy, intrigue, tragedy, invasive donkeys."
69 53% Platoon Leader (1988) - Sep 24, 2014
"Surprisingly good! The Dudikoff does a good job, the production qualities were better than expected and the action is all well done. "
60 33% Wolf Devil Woman (1982) - Aug 28, 2014
"Abandoned at birth! Raised and trained by wolves (actually German Shepherds)! She is Wolf Girl! In this early 80's piece of insanity she fights The Devil who is some sort of sorcerer Klan member who is freezing people to death and murdered her parents. She also graphically mutilates live rabbits and chickens. She also wears a stuffed animal (again, a German Shepherd) as a hat. The strangest part though, is that she's also the writer/director. Who in their right mind thinks this stuff up??"
70 56% The Trouble with Harry (1955) - Oct 08, 2007
"It's no "Weekend at Bernie's"."
83 91% Pedicab Driver (1989) - Jul 23, 2008
"Great fights! (Sammo vs. Chia-Liang Liu), Great action! (Long pedicab/car chase), Nicely done humor, romance and drama. Lots of big names. I can't recommend this movie enough, one of Sammo's best!"
48 20% Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008) - Dec 17, 2008
"Like watching an idiot play a resident evil game, which means it's still better than both of the Jovovich sequels."
73 66% Nightmare Sisters (1988) - Oct 10, 2012
"One of the crown gems of 80's b-horror! Three of the genre's greatest scream queens have an extended bathtub scene in the midst of 15 minutes of nude time capped off by Linnea Quigley performing a strip-tease rock song. The dialogue is an unending string of corny sexual innuendo ("Give me your throbbing python of love!") and cheeseball college cliches ("You booger head!") and the sound effects are clearly done by a ten year old. This is must-see stuff for fans of the genre!"
60 33% U.S. Catman: Lethal Track (1990) - Aug 06, 2014
"Jesus wow! This first Catman flick is quite possibly the greatest thing Godfrey Ho has ever given us! Catman's posing is hilarious, his fight scenes are hilarious, the evil cult is utterly ridiculous (and hilarious) and the action is wonderful and non-stop! And, just like the summary says, the rest of the movie is just random asian dudes beating the crap out of eachother!"