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Celluloid Junkie - 4120 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 17, 2006

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Age: 44

Bio: I like to think I have a very wide interest in film but I have a particular soft spot for: horror, samurai/jidaigeki, spaghetti westerns and 70's kung fu flicks.

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21 4% Nine Lives (2016) - Nov 13, 2022
"The best part of this movie is that I get to choose next week's movie."
89 96% Burnt (2015) - Oct 11, 2022
"This may be a biased score as I'm an industry professional myself I judged the movie on realism and emotional pull, of which it hit high marks on both grades. Cooper definitely studied for his role.... he knew exactly what a burnt out chef is like. It was kind of funny watching him freak out over trends that have come and gone already (sous vide, mirco greens etc). Like others have said, seemingly important parts of the story and character depth are vague, but it's a concise character profile"
87 95% The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - Aug 29, 2022
70 56% The Harder They Fall (2021) - Aug 29, 2022
69 53% The Gentlemen (2020) - Jun 28, 2022
"Well constructed story. Mostly solid acting from a good cast. Definitely watchable."
51 23% Extinction (2018) - Jun 28, 2022
51 23% Ride Along (2014) - May 04, 2021
"Cookie cutter, easy to watch flick. Kevin Hart went saiyan to super saiyan to over 8000!"
29 7% Coming 2 America (2021) - Mar 30, 2021
"Eddie. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Playing 10 different characters in one movie wasn't funny 25 years ago when you did Nutty Flubber... that shit hasn't gotten any better. Not good. I'll never get those 90 minutes of my life back either. Shame on you."
26 6% The Craft: Legacy (2020) - Mar 26, 2021
"First movie I've seen (for the first time) in almost 2 years and I get this... this.... dreck. Not sure I even want to remember the other movie I watched last night :/"
41 17% The Wizard (1989) - Mar 01, 2021