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93 99% Children of Men (2006) - Feb 02, 2012
"To call Cuaron's vision of the near future dystopic would be gentle. In fact, not only are the typical "end is nigh" signs present, beyond a collapse of human spirit, an unprecedented collapse of human lineage has set in. In this cold, gray, uninspired world our hopes come to rest on a cold, gray, previously-inspired anti-hero. But when he sees that the hope which has been stripped from the world with his own eyes, it's enough to re-claim his previously eroded inspiration for mankind's sake."
98 99% The Departed (2006) - Feb 02, 2012
"In what may very well go down as his finest work, Scorcese spins a brilliantly tangled web spanning from one side of the law to the other, and back again countless times over. And it's the routes the core characters take between good & evil or cop & criminal that give The Departed it's incredible shape and texture. All the pieces truly come together in this film - script, performances, soundtrack/score, and of course the impeccable lens of Martin Scorcese. And, keep an eye out for the X's..."
88 92% Stay (2005) - Feb 10, 2012
"Many films have blazed this type of trail before, but Stay clearly leads us there in new, unexpected ways. Under Forster's direction and through Schaefer's innovative lens a visually stunning journey unfolds before our eyes - and it's not until at least a second viewing that we can truly appreciate where we've gone and how we got there. As many blurbs will tell you, this film fearlessly walks a blurry line between two worlds and adds a modern, stylized visual facade to a reliable old chestnut."