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20: Terrible
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99 T10 Memento Memento (2001) - 24 Sep 2009
"Telling the story backwards is a brilliant device, not only because it makes for excellent suspense and surprises but especially because you take part in the mystery in a way similar to the protagonist who, as a result of his condition, is also disorientated and confused. The game cast and a neat twist seal the deal; this was, deservedly so, an instant classic."
90 T10 District 9 District 9 (2009) - 23 Aug 2009
"Science fiction is, for me, all about the world that is created. More often than not it is the vision as a whole, rather than the plot, that sticks - and what a world Blomkamp creates here! Nevermind the allegory, this is about faultlessly realized aliens and mindblowingly cool weaponry. It's pure fun and, for once, a mockumentary framing device works very well, meshing seamlessly with the mindless action. Oh, and Copley does a great job, too, as the weird but loveable Wikus."
97 T10 Mad Max: Fury Road Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - 18 May 2015
"If you loved the trailers you'll love the film. It's - quite literally - a wild ride. Miller's choreography of thrillingly tactile (and, honestly, peerless) action is as batshit insane as Immortan Joe and his underlings are unique and bizarre. Other things to admire, relish and praise are the bombastic score and, of course, Charlize Theron's one-armed heroine-badass, Imperator Furiosa. The best blockbuster in - again, yes, literally - ages and an instant classic. Witness it."
90 T10 The Easy Life The Easy Life (1962) - 06 Mar 2020
"I really loved this semi-forgotten Italian road movie. Gassman and Trintignant make for one of the most enjoyable duos in film history, and hanging out with their characters, Bruno and Roberto, is a total blast."
90 T10 Marriage Story Marriage Story (2019) - 07 Dec 2019
"The leads knock this one out of the park. The opening is just perfect, and other highlights from this surprisingly empathetic film from Baumbach would include the big fight and the end of the visit from the social worker. 'The Squid and the Whale' is now no longer Baumbach's best, and 'Marriage Story' is not only a strong contender for the best movie of the year, but also no less than one of the better dramas of the decade."
90 T10 An Inspector Calls An Inspector Calls (1954) - 23 May 2019
"The twists and turns of the plot (adapted from Priestley's classic, socially conscious play) had me hooked, and the ensemble cast is excellent. So despite the fact that I think that the ambiguous (very) last part of the ending is unnecessary, I loved this!"
90 T10 The Kid Detective The Kid Detective (2020) - 12 Jun 2022
"I adore it. For the razor-sharp comedic lines and the direction that never misses a beat. For Brody's pitch-perfect performance that brings dramatic gravitas, even before the clever crime plot takes a dark turn. For the huge amount of callbacks in what might be one of the most unified scripts ever. The film is carefully jam-packed with small, fun details that reward rewatches. And last, but not least, for the knowing pastiche of the detective genre. If you like it, you should check out 'Brick'."
99 T10 Se7en Se7en (1995) - 15 May 2010
"The quintessential thriller, Fincher's masterwork hasn't been matched since. By not witnessing the murders, the audience retains the perspective of the protagonists. Like them, we experience only the aftermath of the gruesomeness while the real impact of the film comes from the menacing (and classically noir) mood of hostility and complete and utter despair, brilliantly supported by both style, plot and characterization, all crystalizing the bleak theme of a world in utter disrepair. Perfection."
95 T10 A Separation A Separation (2011) - 02 Dec 2011
"Accessible and engaging. Farhardi shows that what's practical must sometimes take precedence over an ideal when one is forced to prioritize conflicting responsibilities (church, state, family, integrity). Trusting the power of the moral predicaments, he avoids sentimentality and draws exquisite performances. His multifaceted story - both culturally specific and universally relatable - is told elegantly, with perfect unity. An empathetic glimpse into the complicated lives of realistic characters."
90 T10 Minding the Gap Minding the Gap (2018) - 09 May 2019
"It's such a great film that I watched it two nights in a row! It becomes so much more than a documentary about a subculture and a community - an intimate and highly affecting story about growing up in which the long-spanning chronicle of the intertwined pasts and fates of these three troubled young men who found much-needed solace in skateboarding is turned into drama of the highest order. What an astonishingly accomplished debut!"