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48 T2 Barbie (2023) - 02 Dec 2023
"Film references are cheesy, “messages” are on the nose and the story is plain awful. I went to see a Gerwig movie and I got 2 hours of disappointment."
50 T2 The Little Island (1958) - 01 Dec 2023
"More of an academic essay rather than a thrilling animation. Not my taste."
73 T7 The Wrestler (2008) - 01 Dec 2023
"It’s difficult for a young viewer to sympathize with such a broken character. As you grow older and find out you weren’t the hero who was going to change the world, people like The Ram grow on you, since you’ve experienced failure and loneliness too. I cried for the similarities I detected between The Ram and myself, oddly so."
73 T7 Roter Himmel (2023) - 01 Dec 2023
"A guy who hates himself falls in love with a girl he’s supposed to hate. Quite nerve wracking at times since I couldn’t decide which subject I’m more in favor."
73 T7 Oppenheimer (2023) - 29 Nov 2023
"I’m beginning to think that Nolan works double on the editing and sound design in order to avoid character development. He rarely leaves the audience with a great knowledge of character’s inner thoughts, and here, we are deliberately distanced from Oppenheimer so that the doubt in his mind could be manifested. Unsuccessful in there, however for me, it’s Nolan’s best in the past 10 years. He has completely become a Hollywood director."
60 T3 Gerald's Game (2017) - 23 Nov 2023
"It’s an average psychological movie but a short film is attached to the end of it which is plain terrible. At what point exactly did that tall character become the main focus of the movie?"
61 T4 The Killer (2023) - 15 Nov 2023
"I understand that Fincher wants us to feel the boredom of a killer’s life but he overdoes it. It’s like living in John Wick’s meaningless world minus the fun! Quite disappointed."
68 T5 The Man Who Sold His Skin (2020) - 14 Nov 2023
"As a person who has been born on the wrong side of the world, I feel for Ali. You can be easily arrested here, and you might die by a snap of the fingers. I guess what bothers me though is the fairytale ending: Ali beats the system and even mocks the artist who enabled him to do so. Sorry, I live in Iran, I'm not accustomed to happy endings!"
60 T3 Poison (2023) - 13 Nov 2023
"I don't get Anderson's recent works, and since you have to hear rapid dialogues (in this case, scene descriptions!) you might not get the chance to enjoy any of it."
70 T6 Audition (1999) - 13 Nov 2023
"It's more of a painful experience rather than a horror one."