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10 4% Dragon Tiger Gate (2006) - Dec 23, 2022
"Dreadful. The story is random, incoherent and boring. The costumes make the actors look ridiculous, like a bad FF8 cosplay, making it even harder to take the film seriously. All my points are for the fighting, which is ok but not great. Effects and flashiness are fine when they enhance the fight scenes, but these, and the rapid cuts instead hide the fight. The final fight is also so one-sided that it's underwhelming and anti-climactic. An insult to HK kung fu cinema."
30 7% Metropolis (2001) - Dec 16, 2022
"Too slow. Reading the plot summary on Wikipedia is more interesting."
55 28% The 8 Masters (1977) - Dec 15, 2022
"Skip this one. Story is ok, has good moments but is very drawn out, the second half of the second act is quite boring. Was about to turn it off until some fights finally started. Even then though, they are quite short and the camera is too zoomed in. If you must watch it, skip the first hour. The production is also quite shoddy, even for one of these films, with shots so dark you can't see what's happening or framing which shows a rock behind two characters instead of the characters themselves."
55 28% The Monkey King (2014) - Dec 14, 2022
"Very slow, everything seemed to move in slow motion, even the action scenes. It never felt like there was any tension even though all the beats were there. Also, it was never really explained what was going on, stuff just kind of happened one after the other and I never really understood the plot until I finally looked it up on wikipedia. Another for the 'good story done badly' pile."
1% THX 1138 (1971) - Dec 14, 2022
"Abstract, boring wank"
1% Kung Fu (2021) - Dec 12, 2022
"How NOT to do Kung Fu cinematogaphy. I had to re-watch the chateau fight from the Matrix again just to cleanse my pallet."
50 22% Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (2022) - Dec 10, 2022
"The story is garbage, I don't care about any of the characters and nothing interesting is happening to push the plot forward. Only the first two episodes were interesting. Gets some points for visuals, though there are sometimes entire sequences with no talking and just the animators jerking themselves off. That can work if the story is strong enough and the visuals captivating enough, but neither is true."
85 84% Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970) - Dec 05, 2022
"Really cool, loved the ending. Seemed to slow a little in the middle when it should have instead been ramping up the tension, but overall great. Also, they should've explained away some possible solutions that I'm sure I wasn't the only one to come up with."
60 37% Cherry 2000 (1987) - Dec 01, 2022
"Ending was a real let down, but I was surprised how entertained I was throughout. The worst part was the romance plot and how it ended (apart from the regular action movie nonsense)."
1% Code 46 (2003) - Nov 28, 2022
"Beginning is just awful, extremely slow, a boring love story with no basis for the attraction, a dull magical 'intuition' premise, not a sci-fi one. Maybe it gets better after but I doubt it."