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Member Since: Oct 14, 2018

Location: Netherlands

Bio: just a chinese girl in europe
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78 86% Cosmos (2015) - Apr 21, 2019
30 32% Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) - Apr 19, 2019
"i don't remember much about this except the theme song which The Dickies wrote, also i remember being impressed by the special effects"
59 65% Happy-Go-Lucky (1997) - Apr 08, 2019
"in many ways, quite immature. but it's lovely seeing what Nakashima does shooting with the restraint of film. it's with this film that i felt i finally really understood how some of Nakashima's work deal with the boredom and decay of post-boom Japan, the escape into fantasy and media. like in all of Nakashima's work, people sit around alone and watch TV. their families are broken."
68 79% Us (2019) - Mar 26, 2019
"there's a lot that's good here, aesthetically and cinematically, so much that i wished i could completely love it but ultimately it falls apart under scrutiny. the ending feels unfairly cheap, it hurts how cheap it feels. i still feel it, an unpleasant sting—not an afterglow."
0% Vox Lux (2018) - Mar 21, 2019
"a film which tries so hard to make a statement about celebrity and pop culture but ends up falling into lazy, cynical, mean-spirited pre-poptimist clichés. the more i think about it, the more i find reasons to dislike this film."
94 97% Orlando (1992) - Mar 19, 2019
"just unbelievable, charming, magical, epic, majestic, heart-breaking, everything i yearn for in cinema, really"
73 83% Postcards (1990) - Mar 10, 2019
"i can't recall ever seeing epistolary cinema like this before, especially one told from beginning to end through the endless supply of postcards one finds traveling through America. an excellent portrayal of the frustrating way people drift apart through distance. even though it was made in 1990, it depicts a sort of narrative which many people in the generation after are all too familiar with....."
86 93% The Scenic Route (1978) - Mar 10, 2019
"inventively stylistic and well ahead of its time"
78 86% First Reformed (2018) - Mar 08, 2019
"effectively explores imperialism, nationalism, faith and environmentalism all at once"
4% Van Wilder (2002) - Feb 24, 2019