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Location: Netherlands

Bio: just a chinese girl in europe
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15 15% As Tears Go By (1988) - Sep 20, 2021
"wong kar wai's affectations make this by the numbers hk melodrama worse, not better"
55 53% An Elephant Sitting Still (2018) - Sep 20, 2021
"Hu's death is a tragedy however this film is tiresome and repetitive, representative of the sort of grim art cinema legacy that Bela Tarr has left us with. i by no means want films to be 'digestible' nor need them to be 'fun' but these sorts of overlong depression films are becoming trite"
51 49% Southland Tales (2007) - Sep 14, 2021
"profoundly american, oddly endearing"
51 49% The Story of a Small Bug (2020) - Sep 12, 2021
53 51% The Spider and the Bee (2020) - Sep 12, 2021
"amounting to little more than a david lynch quarantine home movie project, it still showcases how lynch's trademark sound design can elevate even the struggle between a bee and a spider"
2% 2046 (2004) - Jul 24, 2021
"a visual treat, but an insidious film. it takes place during the HK riots of 1967, but the main character, an asshole in a Western suit, sits around in his room moping and writing a cringe sci-fi story. a Cantonese speaker, he treats a bunch of Mandarin-speaking women like trash. are we supposed to feel bad for him? what is WKW trying to say about the year 2047 and Hong Kong? there is much i would love if i didn't find the film so difficult politically to swallow. points for robot Faye Wong"
85 90% Fallen Angels (1995) - Jul 22, 2021
38 37% Polish Vampire in Burbank (1985) - Jul 01, 2021
74 79% Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) - Apr 03, 2021
"a very glorified summer fling film for the wlw dark academic crowd"