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Member Since: Mar 6, 2020

Location: USA

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44 33% Pooh's Heffalump Movie (2005) - Apr 23, 2021
61 74% The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988) - Apr 22, 2021
"Seen: ?. This is one that I have seen many times as a kid. It must have been on Comedy Central all the time. I revisited it for the first time in 15 years. And it still holds up, with plenty of silliness and belly laughs."
39 22% Diablo (2015) - Apr 20, 2021
"It's a slightly different take on a western, while also being way too familiar in many respects. The whole thing has a phoned-in quality and lacks spark."
51 53% An American Tail (1986) - Apr 17, 2021
58 70% High Rise (2016) - Apr 10, 2021
"I keep checking out what Wheatley has to offer, so he is doing something right. And this is one of his better offerings. It's too crazy and impenetrable to love, but the style and momentum is a marvel. There is something surprising around every corner."
52 57% Greyhound (2020) - Apr 09, 2021
"A tight tactical war movie that kept me engaged as the u-boat encounters kept coming. I enjoyed trying to decipher the constant jargon."
65 80% Louis C.K.: Shameless (2007) - Apr 06, 2021
"Every Louis C.K. special very well might be peak Louie. This is the earliest special of his that I have seen, and it is s good one."
59 71% Vuelven (2017) - Apr 05, 2021
22 6% The Searchers (1956) - Apr 02, 2021
"Did this blow people away in 1956? The entire production is completely tone-deaf, the acting is stilted, and the score is trying so hard to make you feel something. It's all just so lazy. Is John Wayne supposed to be some sort of masculine ideal? He comes off as an unlikable, intolerant, hot-headed jackass. This sequence happens. A dog barks off screen, the villain, Scar, throws a rock, hitting the dog off screen, and the dog runs off whimpering. Scar bad! John Wayne good! Yeesh."
65 80% Local Hero (1983) - Mar 31, 2021
"Some of the Lancaster related elements are out of place, but this is a largely magical little movie that takes its time and subverts expectations."