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Member Since: Mar 6, 2020

Location: USA

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29 9% Hour of the Wolf (1968) - Jan 21, 2022
62 76% George Carlin: Back in Town (1996) - Jan 20, 2022
"Carlin's voice and madness continue to shine, and continue to get sharper. His disdain for humanity and hypocrisy ramps up, special after special."
53 59% Talk Radio (1988) - Jan 19, 2022
"At times mesmerizing, other times stuck in the mud. In many ways, the worst in humanity is on display. I'm not sure that I liked the end, but I can recommend the journey overall."
40 22% The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021) - Jan 18, 2022
"If Joel Coen can't get me into Shakespeare then I am a lost cause. I don't want to turn this into an essay about Shakespeare in the modern world, but I will say that the production is sparse, the visuals are strong, and the story is a prisoner to the purists."
72 86% Louis C.K.: Chewed Up (2008) - Jan 16, 2022
"Seen: 3. This entire set is a self deprecating masterpiece."
61 74% Sing 2 (2021) - Jan 16, 2022
"Better and funnier than the first. Rolling momentum, with an over the top, but effective, bad guy."
50 48% The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015) - Jan 16, 2022
"There is plenty of silliness, but a certain spark is missing here."
54 61% Violet (2021) - Jan 14, 2022
"This is a unique take on the tortured inner-workings of a dramatic lead. There is a rainbow of emotions and personal obstacles to overcome. The Hollywood backdrop keeps you at arms length, but there is plenty to relate to. Munn isn't the best fit, but she does a good job."
53 59% Madagascar (2005) - Jan 14, 2022
"A mixed bag, with some solid laughs here and there. A great voice cast lifts this one, with Cohen being the biggest standout."