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29 11% Four Lions (2010) - Sep 28, 2020
"A dark comedy about bumbling terrorists sounds like a concept I would be into. But this movie is not it. The best I can say is the dry humor gave me a couple of chuckles. The punchlines for a few scenes were utterly predictable. I don't know that I have ever rolled my eyes at a comedy this much before. The satire and tone shifts were fine, the movie just fully fails to engage. One of the bigger disappointments in recent years."
52 57% Michael Clayton (2007) - Sep 26, 2020
"Seen: 2. Decided to see it again, as this movie gets a lot of love. I was bored with the first viewing, but liked it more the second go around. Nothing here is spoon-fed, the intrigue level is high in the first half, but there are lulls throughout. The whole thing needs tightening. The ending satisfies."
51 54% Light Sleeper (1992) - Sep 26, 2020
"Schrader sure knows how to plop the viewer down into a man's worldview, and all of the doubt, anxiety, and regret that goes with it. The movie moves at its own pace, and hits a couple of crescendos. It gets stuck in the 80s/early-90s mud at times, especially when attempting to cram the song World on Fire down our throat. I liked the movie, but it lacks a timeless quality, and the conclusion really didn't make much sense. It is lesser Schrader. Random David Spade and Sam Rockwell alert."
51 54% The Fountain (2006) - Sep 25, 2020
"Seen: 2. I saw it shortly after it came out, and it was such an intriguing mystery that I knew I had to see it again someday. I got around to it again. It's too cryptic and unclear to fully recommend, but I like it, to an extent. The themes are universal, the cinematography is beautiful, and there is artistry in every thought and scene. When I was able to forge connections, it was satisfying. Aronofsky always produces thought provoking work, as heavy-handed as it can be."
46 40% Banshee Chapter (2013) - Sep 25, 2020
"Well-acted conspiracy/mystery with some suspense. Nothing groundbreaking."
52 57% Cold Mountain (2003) - Sep 24, 2020
"The cast list is extensive and incredible. The supporting players go from an unrecognizable Charlie Hunnam to a blink and you'll miss them Jena Malone and Cillian Murphy. The brutality is toe-curling. The backbone love story falls a bit flat. Some of the stops on the Oddyssey journey felt out of place at first, but looking back, they truly bring the movie to life. It's long, and lacks rewatchability, but I liked it overall."
53 60% Krisha (2016) - Sep 24, 2020
"The first twenty minutes are breezy, but the score keeps noodling away nervously, and the movie then gets dark. This may be the most real, honest, and troubling representation of addiction ever seen on film. Krisha Fairchild deserved award consideration for her performance. I liked it, I respect it immensely, but it is not a particularly enjoyable ride, and I may never want to see it again."
48 45% The Karate Kid (1984) - Sep 23, 2020
"Seen: ?. I know I have seen this multiple times as a young child, but this is my first time seeing it all the way through beyond the age of ten. It's cheesy, it's dopey, but it's fun. The journey was drawn out, and yet the ending was strangely abrupt."
52 57% Hail Satan? (2019) - Sep 23, 2020
"I'm not going to go into what I think The Satanic Temple is doing right, and what they are doing wrong. But this deep dive into the religion hit a nerve, and highlighted the extreme hypocrisy and stupidity running rampant in America today. Well done."
51 54% First Cow (2020) - Sep 22, 2020
"A small story from a small production. The two leads share a strong chemistry. The simple story allows the realism level to be cranked to 11, nothing feels out of place or forced. There just isn't much going on, and there is little to contemplate afterwards."