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95 97% About Time (2013) - Jan 20, 2022
"I thought this film would be a standard romance, but was so impressed to see it reach beyond. It pleasantly surprised me, and didn’t hit any of the clichés I was anticipating (which made me enjoy it even more). A good watch if you want your heartstrings pulled, but not too hard."
33 16% Love, Wedding, Repeat (2020) - Jan 20, 2022
"Lots of funny people, especially in the supporting cast. I found the romance aspect of the film to be lacking, but the comedy had some great moments. The biggest issue was the bizarre navigation of a multiple universes gimmick— it took too long to implement and then still didn’t feel earned. I’m sorry to say I don’t think I’d recommend it to anyone, because the fun comedic performances are just too buried in the messy storytelling."
50 39% Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts (2022) - Jan 14, 2022
"Was a huge fan growing up. I was disappointed that the interviews were largely things that the actors had said before. I wish that JK herself had either been excluded or had been asked more questions about the original franchise compared to the current one. The music still got me, but overall it was disappointingly shallow."
71 73% Fantastic Fungi (2019) - Jan 14, 2022
70 71% The Craft (1996) - Dec 29, 2021
"There's absolutely no reason for this film to have an R-rating. A fun watch at Halloween. I think it suffers from B-plots being cut for some of the supporting witch characters, but it's still a fun, campy time."
58 52% Carrie (1976) - Dec 29, 2021
91 95% Dune (2021) - Dec 29, 2021
"I would recommend specifically to people who enjoy sci-fi with political drama. If that's not you, especially if you're ESL, I can see Dune being a bit of a muddled drag. As a sci-fi person who hasn't read the book, I thought it was great! I'm not a big Timothée Chalamet fan, so I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did. It's best epic I have seen in a long time. Very excited for Part 2."
47 35% The French Dispatch (2021) - Dec 29, 2021
"This film is split into parts-- I found second part (out of 5~ish) with Tilda Swinton, Benicio Del Toro, and Léa Seydoux, to be the only one that has the paradoxical wonderfulness that brought Wes Anderson to stardom. The other parts were painfully unremarkable, even dull. I almost wish it had been released as a miniseries so I could recommend just "The Concrete Masterpiece by J.K.L. Berensen" part. "
17 6% Licorice Pizza (2021) - Dec 29, 2021
"It felt like PTA saw "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and wanted to make his own version, with fictional and historical characters, but in their everyday lives. It felt unfocused and the strongest performances were from the supporting cast, largely cameos. My biggest issue was a moral one- the film looks uncritically at an adult's romantic "relationship" with a minor, which feels even more insidious with the actors being close in age, unlike their characters. Kind of gross all around."
80 85% House of Gucci (2021) - Dec 29, 2021