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91 77% Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000) - Sep 24, 2018
"Rugrats in Paris is a shockingly effective and emotional ride. It never overstays its welcome. The voice acting is to a standard above even the venerable TV Series. The story is tear jerking at times and hilarious at others. "
20 4% 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) - Sep 24, 2018
"While there are still some pretty cool car scenes in the movie. 2 Fast 2 Furious is an action sequel filled with cringe and poor special effects. A pale shadow of a movie that wasn't all that unique to begin with. "
87 69% The Karate Kid (1984) - Sep 24, 2018
"From the director of Rocky. We have another underdog story to uplift us and remind us of the 80s in the best way possible. The Karate Kid is totally predictable and enjoyable to a fault. Thankfully there is the talents of the main cast and a totally era appropriate soundtrack to keep things interesting. "
64 30% Die Another Day (2002) - Sep 24, 2018
"Die Another Day is cheesy, over-the-top and entirely reliant on the established formula. That being said. There is something fun about observing the constant one-liners and poor special effects in a totally passable action movie to end the Brosnan era. "
80 59% Charlie's Angels (2000) - Sep 24, 2018
"Charlie's Angels could have been nothing more than standard action/caper fare if not for the amazing cast. All the leads bring charm and uniqueness to their characters. The script does just fine as well is creating distinction and comedy to spare. "
99 90% The Haunting (1963) - Sep 24, 2018
"The Haunting is nothing short of brilliant film making. The story leave just enough ambiguous to be far more interesting than modern horror movies. The acting is perfectly in keeping with the times. The camerawork is to a standard that would not be invented for years to come. It balances bombast and subtlety perfectly and exists as one of the scariest movies of all time. "
55 21% Ghost Rider (2007) - Sep 24, 2018
"Ghost Rider is just not very memorable. However, if you're looking for a Pre-MCU Superhero film that is a little darker than the overall bulk, it works just fine. Nic Cage doesn't shine by any means. If anything he appears held back. The special effects and Rider scenes are cool and the atmosphere is consistent and enjoyable. "
78 56% The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) - Sep 24, 2018
"Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not the disgusting splatter fest it is known to be or would eventually become. That being said, it doesn't waste much time with subtlety either. So it exists as a classic for the horror fanatics only. And it's filmed and acted well enough to be called as such. "
81 60% Zootopia (2016) - Sep 24, 2018
"Zootopia works well as social commentary and an interesting enough mystery plot. It even has several genuinely funny moments and characters. That being said, the pacing is a little slow. The story line is a little late to the game and some of the humor feels forced or inappropriate. "
66 34% Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) - Sep 24, 2018
"Odd casting choices and an unfocused story heavily bring down this Anne Rice adaptation. However the Gothic tone and a young Kirsten Dunst raise it up again, out of total obscurity and into possible cult territory. "