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88 70% Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) - Aug 29, 2019
"Far From Home is not the special surprise that Homecoming turned out to be. Tom Holland carries himself amazingly and has terrific chemistry both romantically or otherwise from the well-chosen cast. In the end the inclusion of Mysterio is fantastic, despite being subjected to a little too much exposition in order to make the twists work. "
77 53% Captain Marvel (2019) - Aug 29, 2019
"A few clever twists aside. Captain Marvel is a passable and predictable entry in the MCU. Granted it meets the standards without delving too far into dangerous screenwriting territory. Brie Larson handles things well enough. For what is in general another version of Iron Man, this chapter is enjoyable and exciting. "
90 74% Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Aug 29, 2019
"Endgame cleverly subverts expectations by saving all the sweeping action and fan service moments for the final act. All in all, this is a careful film with a lot of quiet moments and well written dialogue. In the end, Endgame is on the same level as Infinity War for entirely different reasons. "
65 31% The Incredible Hulk (2008) - Aug 29, 2019
"The action is passable and Edward Norton fits the central role well enough. As far as the greater MCU is considered, The Incredible Hulk is a little too safe and nowhere near the level of Iron Man from the same year. "
80 58% The Fate of the Furious (2017) - Aug 29, 2019
"Fate of the Furious is a fantastic thrill ride. The insanity is again amped up to a new level. From a chase involving waves of auto-controlled cars to an icy chase with a submarine. Nothing is held back. Even the comedy reaches new levels with a fantastic turn from Jason Statham and a little baby. "
87 69% Furious 7 (2015) - Aug 29, 2019
"From the masterful opening shot, the totally bonkers climax and heartfelt ending. Furious 7 is a sign that not only is this franchise getting better with every entry. The themes of family become all the more true when it becomes clear through art how close the cast and crew truly are. It speaks volumes and the genre-hopping James Wan clearly has proven a director to reckon with. "
70 41% Fast & Furious 6 (2013) - Aug 29, 2019
"Coming off the incredible surprise of the previous film, Furious 6 loses a tiny bit of momentum. Granted it is still a wondrously shot and edited action film. Cranking up the insanity and breaking away from the lesser tropes of the originals is clearly working for this franchise. "
40 13% Brightburn (2019) - Aug 29, 2019
"Brightburn is a film built entirely around a fantastic premise. For those who were already in it for the concept, it'll work just fine. For those who are seeking an intelligent reversal of the Superhero genre, Brightburn is nothing more than a superpowered slasher flick. A well-acted but extremely watered down version of the far superior Chronicle (2012)"
25 6% Pearl Harbor (2001) - Aug 29, 2019
"The action scenes during the attack are well made. No one can question the amount of work and passion that went into the sheer carnage of those 40 minutes. Everything else is no better or worse than anything you'd find in The Notebook. Pearl Harbor tries to be epic, sweeping and romantic. In the end turns out to be Long, loud, cliche and insulting. "
15 2% Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) - Aug 29, 2019
"Age of Extinction is a very minor step up from the previous film. For no other reason except for how much it delves into all the Bay-isms that are now unfortunately synonymous with the Transformers franchise. For the unconverted, this is more of the same loud, incomprehensible, overlong, testosterone fueled nonsense for a fourth time. "