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Member Since: Dec 12, 2011

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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79 71% Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) - Jan 13, 2019
"The script is good for this film, there are some things that happen that are unpredictable. The ensemble cast do a good job with the material. Overall I would recommend this film. "
77 58% Ocean's 8 (2018) - Jan 13, 2019
"The cast seem to be having a good time during this film. The script is interesting and there are some exciting scenes in this movie. Overall I would recommend this film. "
74 38% The Age of Innocence (1993) - Jan 13, 2019
"The performances form the 3 leads in this film are all good. The script has good moments but there are also some slow and boring parts in this story. This is a lot different than other films by Martin Scorsese. Overall I would recommend this film. "
30 2% The Barbarians (1987) - Jan 11, 2019
"This film has a nonsensical plot and plenty of bad acting. The production design has some good moments and other times it looks cheap. The script is all over the place. Overall this one is for lovers of bad movies only. "
76 51% Bird Box (2018) - Jan 08, 2019
"This film has a good cast who do a good job with their roles. The script is a bit far fetched at times but it has plenty of good moments. Overall I would recommend this film. "
82 80% A Quiet Place (2018) - Jan 05, 2019
"This is a very entertaining horror film. The cast all do a good job and the story is exciting. There are plenty of exciting scenes and moments throughout the film. I highly recommend this film. "
78 65% Room (2015) - Jan 04, 2019
"Brie Larson is outstanding in this film. Jacob Tremblay also gives a amazing performance to watch here. The script is understated but it works. Overall I would recommend this film. "
75 44% Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018) - Jan 04, 2019
"This film has an interesting gimmick and it works. The viewer gets to choose things through the film. It makes for an interactive experience. So different choices result in different endings. Overall I would recommend this film. "
69 26% Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) - Jan 04, 2019
"This film has some cool scenes with CGI creatures. However most of the human characters in this film are boring. The story drags at times and the script tries to do too much. Overall this film is disappointing. "
71 29% Mandy (2018) - Jan 04, 2019
"This is a bizarre, dark and messed up film. This film is not for everyone there are plenty of disturbing moments and scenes. Nicolas Cage does well in the lead role. There are some slow moments in this movie. Overall I would recommend this horror movie. "