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90 90% Cloud Atlas (2012) - Rated 28 Oct 2012
"Cloud Atlas is a movie that demands multiple viewings and an open mind. Simply sit down and experience the movie and embrace what's perfect and flawed in the film. For me personally I found so much to enjoy in this movie that it's almost impossible to communicate the impact it had on me in the theater. All I can say is I'm going to watch it as many times as I can in the theater and that I completely agree with Roger Eberts review."
80 71% Standard Operating Procedure (2008) - Rated 01 Aug 2009
"I am fairly surprised with people's reviews stating that SOP was "tedious" or "boring", seeing as how the subject matter was so disturbing and important. The interviews are amazing and truly show the absolute ignorance some of these soldiers possess and the most frightening aspect is the knowledge that this is exactly how the military wants them to be. An excellent documentary that shows how far a human will go if given the chance."
90 90% Grand Illusion (1937) - Rated 13 Jul 2009
100 98% Harlan County, USA (1976) - Rated 30 Jun 2009
"Workers of the World Unite"
60 34% Menace II Society (1993) - Rated 30 Jun 2009
"Horribly cheesy at times, but decent overall. I'm with Bell Hooks on this one...."
80 71% Drag Me to Hell (2009) - Rated 01 Jun 2009
"If you enjoy life and all of the wonder that comes with being a human, you'll love Drag me to Hell."
95 96% The Wrestler (2008) - Rated 26 May 2009
"Tragic and beautiful, The Wrestler is the best movie of 2008."
80 71% Love and Death (1975) - Rated 30 Apr 2009
"I was really fortunate to be in a decent film class because I have the feeling that without the knowledge of the directors he references I would have been truly lost. Now all I have to do is bone up on my Russian literature."
65 40% W. (2008) - Rated 30 Apr 2009
"A decent film that could have been great if Stone hadn't felt the need to bash us over the head with Bush's daddy issues."