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Bio: I don't watch as many movies as I used to, but I still watch a pretty good amount compared the the average person I guess. I'm pretty stingy with my ratings once you get above 90, so you probably won't be seeing very many 100s out of me.

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93 T10 Blade Runner Blade Runner (1982) - 14 Aug 2007
"(Final Cut) I'm very disappointed that it took me this long to actually take the time to sit down and watch Blade Runner without any distractions. The first few times I tried to watch it, I found it boring and overrated. This couldn't be further from the truth. I don't know if it was a maturity or patience thing, but this film is a vision. Absolutely everything works, the gorgeous score, beautiful shots, bleak/colorful/vibrant settings, layered characters, everything. See this movie."
86 T10 Collateral Collateral (2004) - 14 Aug 2007
"I was absolutely baffled that Tom Cruise can be as cold and bad ass as he is here. Excellent role for him, and it's really refreshing. Jamie Foxx turns in a good performance, but you're just waiting for more of Cruise most of the time (he really does steal the show). This is a story that makes good use of Mann's filmmaking style, and it doesn't feel too forced here. I love this movie."
86 T10 The Lookout The Lookout (2007) - 02 Apr 2007
"A well cast heist movie with a little twist, and plenty of tension. The characters are all interesting, and Jeff Daniels in particular shines as Levitt's blind roommate Lewis. The villains for the most part don't have a ton of depth to them, but Matthew Goode is excellent. For a directorial debut, this is a very impressive effort, and it's shocking that Frank hasn't done another film since."
87 T10 All the Real Girls All the Real Girls (2003) - 14 Aug 2007
"First off, it's a beautiful looking movie. The shots look great, and it sets the mood really well. Great performances from pretty much the whole cast (Danny McBride manages to be charming as well), and most of the supporting characters get a little bit of screen time without making the movie too jumbled. It's pretty quirky at times, but never too much so. Great, great movie."
89 T10 Akira Akira (1988) - 14 Aug 2007
"Much like films like Terminator 2, this movie is still impressive more than 20 years later. The animation is still very quality, the backgrounds are still glorious, and it hasn't lost any of it's impact over time. This is the film that put anime on the map in the US (for better or worse), and it's worthy of all of the praise it has received. It does differ mightily from the manga, but that really couldn't be helped with the time constraints. It still stands well on it's own."