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Age: 42

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65 17% Monster Hunt (2015) - May 13, 2017
"Despite the mediocre CGI the monsters do have a certain cuteness to them, and as ridiculous as the narrative is the two leads are sympathetic enough to root for. So there's just enough to charm to keep you going through the down parts between the predictable moments of spectacle. It passes the time."
72 32% Malice in Wonderland (1982) - May 12, 2017
"Well, it's something else. Not particularly my cup of tea with all the surreal sexual imagery, but I was quite impressed with how well every moment transitions to the next. It's one of the best examples I've seen of things constantly morphing into other things where every transition feels smooth and seamless (the surrealism of the whole thing helps, of course). Certainly kept my interest for the runtime."
79 57% Blonde Crazy (1931) - May 12, 2017
"Fun piece of pre-code silliness with two charming leads. The ending is rather awkward, and a bit tacked on, but otherwise it flows well mixing small time crime and back and forth dialogue. None of it is outstanding, but it's all very good."
71 29% The Wave (2015) - May 12, 2017
"A mostly typical disaster movie, with dumb decisions throughout, in its most basic structure, but it's brought up a notch by keeping the stakes at a more reasonable level than the usual world ending cataclysm of such movies and decent performances."
61 13% Kung Fu Yoga (2017) - May 12, 2017
"I feel like I've just caught a glimpse of the future of blockbuster cinema. It could be worse, but it's not very good. Most interesting as a meta-reflection of the style filtered through an outsider's eye of the perceived strengths of Hollywood blockbuster filmmaking, Bollywood cinema and Indian culture, and a myopic insider's perspective of a Chinese cultural and economic resurgence. It feels clunky and manufactured, as stilted as the aging Jackie Chan doing his thing, but has some moments."
85 81% Kontroll (2003) - May 12, 2017
"Certainly on the surreal side with a number of odd unexplained occurrences and motivations, but on the whole surprisingly grounded and straightforward. A pretty clear allegory for self imposed purgatory that uses its setting to setup a character study. As intriguing as the that is, and there are quite a few funny and enjoyable moments that come from its unique atmosphere, it's the slow methodical unraveling of the lead character's circumstances and emotional state that really make this shine."
88 90% The Seventh Continent (1989) - May 12, 2017
"I don't think I've ever noticed the Bresson influence on Haneke before, but it was very apparent here. The content, is not very Bresson like, which makes for an interesting experience seeing the style used for something much more forceful and shocking. I quite enjoyed its methodical deconstruction of social routine, and the characters, even though they are mostly representations, still shone through under the constraints of both social expectations and filmic stylistic demands."
50 7% Skallamann (2011) - May 12, 2017
"This is a style of musical I really don't like and while it's not badly done I find the artificiality to completely undermine the content. It's a decent premise and, singing and dancing aside, there's a certain charm to how it's done, although I do think it's kind of weird that when the premise is acceptance the entire thing is about reducing the object of acceptance to a single trait, making them an object rather than a person. It's not bad, just not really for me."
83 72% Clouds of Sils Maria (2014) - May 12, 2017
"The heart of the film, an exploration on aging and self perception (particularly in women), is interesting to me and I found the layered nature of the discussions works well for exploring these ideas, and the setting allows for certain interactions that wouldn't be possible otherwise, with good back and forth dialogue and characters that are sympathetic but never emotionally charged so one can focus on the ideas and let the story flow as it will. Binoche stands out, Moretz too, Stewart is fine."
57 10% Hypocrites (1915) - May 12, 2017
"I expected it to be blunt, but I did not expect it to be so slight and hollow. Not so much an argument against hypocrisy, or even a screed, so much a series of sketches of pointing, yelling hypocrite, and moving on to do the same in a different sketch. The visuals are quite captivating, at least, and the structure and content could have been interesting with more fleshing out."