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90 94% Night Tide Night Tide (1961) - 20 Feb 2007
"A nicely atmospheric piece of work that I find compelling yet comforting. I'm a sucker for sideshow stuff so I had no trouble getting into this. Harrington never made a film better than this, and although I have an odd affection for his films, this is probably the only one that's essential."
90 94% Door Door (1990) - 12 Dec 2007
"I'm a Hoban junkie, and this collaboration between he and animator David Anderson is very weird and very cool. It's sort of nonsensical, and narrated with stylized and broken English. A lot of work went into these 5 short minutes."
30 7% Rat Race Rat Race (2001) - 14 Aug 2007
"In terms of relativity, the longest film I've ever seen."
99 99% Comrades Comrades (1986) - 29 May 2011
"This is an incredible film presented with great beauty and wonderful acting. I got the sense Douglas had great love and total control of his film; he's the lanternist giving us a show. Characterizations seem a bit odd with the villains & upper class being broad caricatures while the laborers are gently drawn, but in context it all feels right. I also love the stylized visual touches and fourth wall-breaking moments. The Australia sequence is like a great 2nd film."
70 52% Day of the Animals Day of the Animals (1977) - 18 Oct 2007
"Honest-to-goodness b-movie nonsense. Animals are going crazy due to excessive UV rays from ozone damage! HOORAY! This is an improvement over GRIZZLY, Girdler's previous evil animal picture, but it's by no means well made. There's bad acting, some iffy effects, an obvious camera reflection, a person in the background of a supposed deserted area, etc. But the music's cool, and the animal attacks are actually pulled off pretty well. Leslie Nielsen plays a crazy a-hole, too. Good fun."
95 98% Relics: Einstein\ Relics: Einstein's Brain (1994) - 24 Jan 2014
"There are few films as enjoyable as this. Sugimoto's heroic and obsessive journey to find Einstein's brain is both hilarious and moving. This film is a truly hidden gem, a great and rewarding surprise."
75 64% Meatcleaver Massacre Meatcleaver Massacre (1977) - 05 Jul 2011
"Including but not limited to: Christopher Lee rambling about spirits and Shamans in irrelevant bookends, bad mustaches, wanton murder, scattered shots that look like they're from an art film, booze, a cruddy and disconnected sexual encounter, terrible monster makeup, Laurel & Hardy film posters, demon-summoning coma-vengeance, weird music, dog named Poopers, and no meatcleavers...I'll never forget you, Meatcleaver Massacre."
80 76% Amazing World of Ghosts Amazing World of Ghosts (1978) - 24 Jan 2014
"Complete nonsense presented without any concern for coherence. A truly delirious excursion into bogus junk about ghosts, black magic, bigfoot, etc., and somehow always finds a way to throw aliens and UFO's into the equation. I loved it!"