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65 43% Synchronic (2019) - Sep 18, 2023
"I enjoy M&Bs films and this is no exception; however, for those (like myself) pulled in w the promise of a sci-fi starring role, you'll be disappointed to learn it is merely a supporting player in a melodrama amongst two paramedic friends. The main idea here would play great as a tv series , but like others have mentioned stuffing all the character drama they wanted to in a 95 min feature left too little to explore the SciFi elements. Still, very good work from Mackie. Glad I watched it. 6.5"
53 15% Antlers (2021) - Sep 18, 2023
"Some good elements. I typically enjoy Antosca's writing, but this one felt only half baked on the screen. Cooper is also a director I enjoy quite a bit and I think his experience elevated this a little versus where it could have gone in less capable hands. Far too many strobe scenes especially when watching an hdr copy. The constant emergency lights flashing was nauseating for those of us sensitive folks. Acting was only avg from Plemons surprisingly. A somewhat pedestrian 5.3 on the whole."
73 66% Beau Is Afraid (2023) - Sep 16, 2023
"Weird, indulgent, chaotic and wild. If that's for you? Buckle up. I'm giving it a 7.3. My wife gave it a 2. Lol, it's going to be wildly divisive. Some people have bad trips and others have great ones while on the same stuff. That's this movie in a nutshell. Kudos to Phoenix. Great stuff."
44 6% Scare Package (2019) - Sep 14, 2023
"Scores /10 1. Cold open 4 2. Rad Chad's horror emporium 5 3. One time in the woods 7.5 4. M.I.S.T.E.R. 3.5 5. Girls night out of body 1 6. The night he came back again! Part IV - The Final Kill 6 7. So much to do 2.5 8. Horror hypothesis 8 #2 wasn't an episode but the glue. The poor entries almost made me turn it off several times. Horror hypothesis and one time in the woods were fantastic though in comparison. Still, even as a fan of this type of meta camp this was meh overall. 4.4"
83 87% Talk to Me (2022) - Sep 13, 2023
"Very good atmosphere of dread and possession in this one. Great sound design. The hype is real imo. Very high 8.3 for the horror fan in me. Definitely has some issues w pacing in parts, but overall I was very impressed. Will be excited to see more of the brothers efforts moving forward."
67 52% Primer (2004) - Sep 12, 2023
"Finally got to this one. I love the ideas quite a bit, but found myself losing focus more than I'd like to admit. Solid SciFi fare, but not the masterpiece I had been sold. 6.7. Good, but not spectacular."
54 17% Strays (2023) - Sep 11, 2023
"Heard some wildly divisive takes on this one. 1.5 level to 7.5 level. It's not good per se, but I expected a vulgar low brow dumb comedy and that's what it is. Some whiffs and some jokes landed. Nothing great, but it's certainly nowhere near vacation friends 2 awfulness. 5.4"
86 93% Parasite (2019) - Sep 09, 2023
"Watched 10/6/19. Found my old review at 8.6. Phenomenal flick. Really entertaining and gripping art. Was my fave movie of 2019."
66 48% The Endless (2017) - Sep 09, 2023
"Finally saw this a few yrs after Resolution. Better and more polished than that debut. Enjoyed the second half more than the first. Will continue watching this pair's other projects. 6.6"
60 24% Resolution (2012) - Sep 09, 2023
"Saw the Endless tonight and went back to add this rating. Saw this one 2 yrs ago and liked the premise. Execution was hit or miss but happy to have seen it. 6.0"