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73 66% Longlegs (2024) - Rated 21 Jul 2024
"Atmospheric and unnerving. Monroe is perfect in these roles. Cage was superb. Unfortunately the picture kept flickering in our auditorium which took me out of it a little. I wish there was more of a certain element. Felt good, but not quite great. 7.3"
13 0% Blackwater Lane (2024) - Rated 20 Jul 2024
"This movie is some of the most putrid dreck I've ever watched. The actors are trying in parts, but it just feels like the way they've been written and directed leaves a feeling that we're watching a stage play featuring over the top performances. Nothing feels genuine it all feels performative. The plot holes drove me insane. If you're feeling extremely masochistic give this one a whirl. 1.3/10. I'll leave a little room below it in case I find something that steals the crown of lowest rated film"
63 35% What You Wish For (2023) - Rated 16 Jul 2024
"This had some good tension throughout. It felt like it just didn't come fully together for me, in part because certain characters lost 50 iq pts at certain moments as a plot device. It took me out of the illusion at times. I enjoyed Topolski as Imogene quite a bit. I'd recommend for those who enjoy their satire pitch black. 6.3 for me. I'd have enjoyed this as a limited series even more I think. More time to show off a little more."
63 35% Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (2024) - Rated 13 Jul 2024
"Those that love the originals will either like this one or probably give it a pass. Loved the nostalgic beats, and it was fun to see the gang back together. Murphy also looks 15 yrs younger than he is. He's great. The plot and writing are pretty tepid. The cringe didn't overwhelm though and it's fun enough on the whole. The family drama dynamic could have been restrained a bit as it felt like a messy add-in. 6.3"
54 20% The Royal Hotel (2023) - Rated 12 Jul 2024
"I like the two leads so finally sat down and gave this one a go. A true misogynist's dream awaits those who enter. About what you'd expect from a couple of women on a backpacking trip that try to make some quick cash by travelling out to remote Australia for the only job available tending bar and living above it in an area with population 30 and they hang at the bar almost 24/7. The acting was fine I suppose, but there really isn't much that happens. Dislikable characters abound. 5.4"
40 6% Jackdaw (2023) - Rated 09 Jul 2024
"The opening 20 minutes had me believing this was going to be a solid action thriller. Jackson-Cohen and Coleman with the only really passable acting. They chose to use aggressive strobes in certain scenes which made it inaccessible to me for those bits. Some okay action, but overall it was a letdown the longer it carried on. 4.0"
51 13% The Watchers (2024) - Rated 08 Jul 2024
"For this level of score you'd think I hated this. I really didn't. What it did well was keep me invested until the end. I didn't feel like anything was done very well or even above average, but I still wasn't checking to see how long was left. Fanning was good, Campbell was underused or perhaps miscast for this role. She's several levels above the 2d character she was given. Some fun meta pokes here and there, but it felt like more of a pilot episode to a new show than full story. 5.1"
52 15% Tusk (2014) - Rated 03 Jul 2024
"Some absolutely hilarious bits here. Some amazingly disturbing moments too. The tonal shifts just miss more than they hit. The initial story setting by Howe was good and although it wasn't a homerun it did have enough moments of wackiness to recommend a viewing to Smith fans or those of the actors. Depp's turn as Lapointe was over the top but had its charm. Still, just a 5.2 for me on the whole. I understand there will be those that love it though."
68 54% Self Reliance (2024) - Rated 02 Jul 2024
"Fun watch that's been on my watchlist for some time now and am happy to have finally seen it. Good first outing for Johnson as a director. He also has good comedic timing in front of the camera as always. Fun turn from Wiff and Kendrick alike. Solid 6.8. Highly entertaining and some decent feelgood moments as well."
73 66% A Quiet Place: Day One (2024) - Rated 30 Jun 2024
"Tried the gimmicky D-box seats at the local cinema for the first time. They work especially well for this type of movie. It's not something I'll use almost ever, but we're glad we tried them here. Great tension and sound design. Lupita was fantastic. Enjoyed El Gato's starting role immensely as well. Solid 7.3."