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Member Since: Jun 27, 2007

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Age: 37

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54 54% The Favourite (2018) - Nov 01, 2022
"a fun watch, but lacking the transgresiveness of Lobster or Dogtooth"
58 56% The Lost Daughter (2021) - Aug 27, 2022
"as a parent a lot strikes close to home, with an added layer of creepy. i thought the continuity between young and middleaged protagonist didn't work that well, but both are very good performances."
87 89% The Wrong Guy (1997) - Jun 05, 2022
"hilarious, and holds well together all the way through"
42 39% Top Hat (1935) - Jun 05, 2022
"that Alberto Beddini, wtf"
58 56% The Power of the Dog (2021) - Jan 09, 2022
"cool movie to sit at home and watch while your anti-vaxx tormentors all get sick and die"
72 72% The Cat Returns (2002) - Nov 08, 2021
"approachable and empowering movie for kids"
74 75% Howl's Moving Castle (2004) - Nov 06, 2021
"themes of strength and agency of the elderly, atrocity of war, and redemption of anyone (except the agents of war) through love, are magically intertwined. The complexity of world rules isn't a problem, on the contrary, their explanation can get a bit pedantic."
82 83% The Man Without a Map (1968) - Oct 12, 2021
"another Abe-Teshigahara colab, and with this one I waited until I'd read the book first. A good move probably: the movie stands on its own, but knowing the book makes it easier to follow without spoiling anything. Both are great existentialist works about the fragility of identity and the attraction of disappearing -- fleshed out as kafkaesque detective noirs."
44 42% Nomadland (2020) - May 10, 2021
"yeah it's well acted and looks nice and everything, but it doesn't really speak to me. Like, I'm glad these people are represented (although I'm probably not the target audience), but is that supposed to be enough? this movie went too far in the "can't judge" direction for my taste and I've definitely had enough of the Ludovico Einaudi new new age piano music bs"
42 39% Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn (2021) - Apr 25, 2021
"the good: strong female lead, unconventional ending (not just the final scene). the meh: not much more than an elite's cry for attention "o brothers in the West, look at what we have to put up with in our backward nation""