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45 42% Extreme Prejudice (1987) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"cool to see Michael Ironside play a good guy for a change, oh wait"
47 44% The Last Seduction (1994) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"i've been watching a bunch of Colombo lately and the ending here left me waiting for the shabby detective to come in and save the day. Loved bill pullman, would've been nice to see more of him"
51 49% One False Move (1992) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"solid neonoir with Billy Bob Thorntron playing an absolute scumbag and Bill Paxtron a good archetypal noir protagonist"
75 76% Southern Comfort (1981) - Rated 31 Mar 2024
"to survive in this swamp you need to (a) not be a maniac or (b) speak French, and none of them speak French"
52 50% One, Two, Three (1961) - Rated 28 Mar 2024
"pretty clever but never quite breaches the limits of Cold War propaganda. all characters are ridiculous, but the punchlines always fall on the commies (and ex-nazis). the latter half is relentless, featuring some super fun East Berlin scenes"
43 40% Footlight Parade (1933) - Rated 23 Mar 2024
"Cagney and Blondell have good chemistry and I really rooted for them. The secondary couple is super goofy. As is, in fact, the whole conceit of the film: let's prove that movies aren't that great by accompanying them with dazzling dance numbers which happen to work entirely due to movie magic. It's all bubblegum, completely divorced from reality but we don't care."
52 50% The Holdovers (2023) - Rated 18 Feb 2024
"another competently made Payne movie. everything is just right, but we've seen it all before. it might be a nice introduction to the world of cinema for, i dunno, a student stuck on winter break or something"
76 77% Anatomy of a Fall (2023) - Rated 18 Feb 2024
96 99% Minnie and Moskowitz (1971) - Rated 18 Feb 2024
"this film is WILD, real and super funny. i thought it was more tightly scripted and paced than other Cassavetes, making it a perfect introduction to his work. and again, Gena Rowlands directed by John Cassavetes is truly one of a kind. It's a woman as real as can be. It's the female condition thru Cass's eyes. But more than that, it's their soulmate connection made manifest in celluloid. Something that other master filmmakers strive for and painstakingly construct, seems to flow naturally here"
32 25% A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (2014) - Rated 27 Jan 2024
"clever but hard to stomach"