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Film Freak - 820 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 28, 2013

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bio: You will probably never see a 100 rating from me because I think no film is actually perfect. Every film, no matter how good, has it's problems and just simply can't get that perfect 100 rating. I am fairly new to this as well, so my rating system isn't exactly perfect yet. That being said, here's a small explanation of my ratings, because the tiers just don't tell the whole story.
85-100 - The best of the best!
80-84 - Amazing!
75-79 - Very good!
70-74 - Good!
65-69 - Not bad, could be better.
60-64 - Enjoyable.
50-59 - Watchable.
45-49 - Fairly watchable.
40-44 - Bad!
30-39 - Very bad!
0-29 - Ugh!

more Recent Ratings

85 93% Captain Fantastic (2016) - Nov 02, 2021
81 83% Baby Driver (2017) - Nov 02, 2021
73 58% Our Man in Havana (1959) - Jul 29, 2021
"How to make a good book adaptation? Make the writer of the novel the one who writes the screenplay! A faithful adaptation of a spy classic."
77 69% Jojo Rabbit (2019) - Jul 29, 2021
42 8% Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) - Sep 27, 2018
"I'm not one of those purists that hate CGI, but this film is a prime example how too much of (bad) CGI can actually hurt a film. CGI isn't the only problem the film has, but since it's a visual medium, it's a pretty huge deal. Utter garbage, but since it made a lot of money, we can look forward to even more garbage in the future. Huzzah!"
80 80% Darkest Hour (2017) - Aug 21, 2018
"This film itself is not a masterpiece by any stretch of imagination, but it is however a masterpiece in acting produced by Gary Oldman. It is a film absolutely made by his undeniably greatest performance to date and dare I say one of the greatest performances ever put to film. I cannot emphasize enough how much he elevates this film. I am amazed. Bravo!"
45 10% Happy Death Day (2017) - Aug 06, 2018
"The bad definitely outweighs the good in this film, but there are a couple of surprises that made me enjoy it a fair deal."
38 6% Ready Player One (2018) - Jul 06, 2018
"I rarely hate a film or have trouble sitting through it 'till the end, but this one was realy bad. What made the book great, was the sense of adventure, watching the character progress from a low level character to one of the strongest in the OASIS. The challenges were actually challenging and through it you uncovered some fascinating stuff about video game history. The film had absolutely none of that. The challenges were a joke and the characters were far from fun and interesting. Garbage."
55 18% Shot Caller (2017) - Jul 31, 2017
"There is barely anything fresh about the film and apart from a solid performance from Coster-Waldau's, there are not many positives to be taken from the film. It just simply leaves you cold in the end. While it is watchable, it's not memorable at all and there are plenty of better prison flicks out there."
88 98% Dunkirk (2017) - Jul 28, 2017
"This is a fascinating look in to what the Allied forces faced after the German Blitzkrieg forced them to retreat and become trapped by the enemy at the beaches of Dunkirk. The film is s a suspenseful experience, made better by Nolan's direction, Zimmer's soundtrack and excellent work from the sound designers. It's extremely slow-paced with three timelines that come together at the end. Some might have a problem with the lack of character development, but that is simply not the point of the film."