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71 42% Crimson Peak (2015) - Jul 08, 2019
"After failing to understand Pan's Labyrinth and Shape of Water, I think Crimson Peak is my favourite film by Guillermo del Toro so far. The Gothic story is pretty standard, but the world he builds is very aesthetic and maybe this time I was ready for it. It really reminded me of the game McGee's Alice."
71 42% About Time (2013) - Jul 06, 2019
"Exactly as it looks on the trailer. Sweet and enjoyable. Not too corny, actually."
68 31% Never Let Me Go (2010) - Jun 23, 2019
96 97% Parasite (2019) - Jun 21, 2019
"This movie blew me away. It was fun and profound and interesting and moving. All the characters were well-written and appealing. The story was great (although there are some uneasy moments, but that's intentional). The music and editing were very tasteful. Overall, a really satisfying experience."
79 63% Sorry to Bother You (2018) - Mar 17, 2019
"Bold and original. It was like a black mirror episode (before Netflix bought it) with a heart. I really liked its style; very interesting."
62 20% Green Book (2018) - Mar 13, 2019
"It didn't work for me. It started off fine, but at a dramatic moment it didn't pull it off for me and felt insincere and manipulative."
70 37% Let the Right One In (2008) - Feb 23, 2019
"This is the second time I watch this. The first time I remember not liking it at all. Then I read about it and thought I need to give it another go. It wasn't so bad, but honestly, it wasn't so interesting either. I guess it's a fresh look on the vampire genre, but it didn't speak to me. Although now I've come to realise that I've watched bad subtitles version, where the dialogue is worse, so that could play into my indifference."
62 20% Bird Box (2018) - Feb 15, 2019
"I watched it because it was recommended to me. Pretty standard film. It was well-made for what it is, but there were no surprisingly good moments. "
77 58% The Favourite (2018) - Feb 08, 2019
"Very interesting, pretty experimental! I need to think about it more"
63 23% Le PrĂ©nom (2012) - Jan 27, 2019
"It had its moments, but it was very hard to watch. Lots of cringe."