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50 5% Made for Love (2021) - Aug 04, 2022
"Surprisingly uninspired."
76 58% Wild (2014) - Aug 02, 2022
"It was a very nice full (apart from the gory opening scene) with an amazing performance by Laura Dern."
73 52% Pieta (2012) - Jul 05, 2022
"A very good movie, but very difficult to watch. I had to pause it multiple times to go through some particularly gruesome sequences."
65 27% Midnight in Paris (2011) - May 31, 2022
"Zero subtlety in this movie that beats you over the head with its message (which was kind of cute). A love letter to Paris, the past, and Woody Allen's ramblings about life."
67 29% The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) - May 27, 2022
"Cute and lighthearted."
65 27% tick, tick... BOOM! (2021) - May 03, 2022
"Corny at times and I really dislike the lead actor, but I liked the supporting cast and the songs in the second half were pretty good. The theme felt overplayed, maybe I just feel like there are too many films about troubled young artists."
92 94% Requiem for a Dream (2000) - Apr 29, 2022
64 24% Don't Look Up (2021) - Apr 29, 2022
"This was an easy watch, and it felt more like a long sketch than a feature film. It's a simple enough statement about the absurd dysfunction on the high-level. In terms of the message, I was a bit annoyed at what I perceived as a superficial framing which blames everything on low-hanging fruit."
80 69% Dune (2021) - Apr 29, 2022
"I really enjoyed the dreamy atmosphere of Villeneuve's vision. While it's not exactly a stand-alone movie, it was a pleasure to see it."
78 61% In the Heights (2021) - Apr 29, 2022
"While following the motions of a classic musical, it did have some pretty moving moments. It's a fun movie which unfortunately skips some really good songs of the Broadway production (Enough being my personal favourite)."