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68 31% Sleepers (1996) - May 01, 2020
"Standard courtroom drama from the 90s. It was a good one."
72 46% Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) - Apr 07, 2020
"This classic Guy Ritchie is always a fun watch."
74 55% Snatch (2000) - Mar 20, 2020
"I watched it again in 2020, it was not as good as I remembered it. Fun watch, though."
69 33% The Gentlemen (2020) - Feb 28, 2020
"Classic Guy Ritchie. It was fun even though sometimes a bit too on the nose (like the scene where they were pitching the story to Miramax). It felt a bit nostalgic to be watching the old Guy Ritchie-style storytelling, but with a fresh eye you can spot how many of the tropes and jokes that are the building blocks in that style, have been and still are, problematic. Still, overall, it was enjoyable but not praiseworthy."
62 19% Promised Land (2012) - Feb 26, 2020
"It had it's moments but it was pretty unnecessarily cheesy. Redeeming qualities: Frances McCormick character rang true and there was one very good scene, "Fuck you money"."
65 27% Jojo Rabbit (2019) - Feb 16, 2020
"It had some good moments but overall if fell a bit flat for me. I loved Roxana Hadadi's review on Jojo Rabbit is a surprisingly, sometimes disappointingly, conventional Holocaust film"
67 29% 1917 (2019) - Feb 03, 2020
"Felt like a video game. Nice musical theme. Annoying cameos. "
72 46% Les derniers jours du monde (2009) - Jan 29, 2020
"It was interesting, crazy, but I feel like it should have ended sooner. As is, it's an epic saga. "
63 23% Bombshell (2019) - Jan 28, 2020
"I mean it wasn't terrible in any way but it just wasn't good either."
100 99% Manchester by the Sea (2016) - Jan 06, 2020
"A truly exceptional film full of many moving moments that really get to you. It was amazingly done and will stay with me for quite awhile."