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40 T3 The Heavenly Kid (1985) - 02 Nov 2023
"Budget James Dean helps the kid from Iron Eagle get laid after dying in the lamest way possible. Meanwhile the mom, whose totally not the boss of him now, and dad, who, in fact, is going to take it, have to deal with the fact that their son, who's totally worthless and weak, is a total square. L7 to the max. Also, cameo by the dude from Empty Nest."
34 T2 Five Nights at Freddy's (2023) - 02 Nov 2023
"Now I wish Katniss let Peeta die. What an awful way to put lipstick on a pig. Actually, that's not accurate. The subject matter was a decent concept - crazy animatronics that come to life and murder you. The backstory added to pad the ridiculously absurd 109 minutes was completely unnecessary. I don't need to know why these things kill, or if I did, save it for a sequel five movies down the line. I feel bad for people who paid to see it in the theater."
88 T10 Better Off Dead... (1985) - 02 Nov 2023
"This movie got me through high school, and while I love John Cusack, I have to wonder about his beef with it. He walked out at the premier because it wasn't the movie he thought he was making. What movie did he think he was making? Was he like Danny from the Shining, who had no idea it was a horror flick? Come on John, Booger is your best friend and he's snorting real snow. WTF"
45 T3 Arthur (1981) - 30 Sep 2023
"What an insufferable piece of shit. I've never rooted harder for the bad guy before. And that laugh - every fucking other fucking word was a fucking giggle. As if."
84 T9 Shaun of the Dead (2004) - 09 Sep 2023
"I was initially put off by the spelling. Like, I mean, Shawn, or Sean, but SHAUN? Fucking Will Smith and his Pursuit of Happyness. First he punches Chris Rock on national TV, then this? I mean, couldn't he have at least punched Rob Schneider? lol, just kidding. Like Rob Schneider would be invited to the Academy Awards. Seriously, fuck that guy."
83 T9 Hot Fuzz (2007) - 09 Sep 2023
"I'm kind of starting to think that Simon Pegg does a lot of Douglas Adams type of movies. British humor is just so, different, I guess. I think it has to do with the weird electric plug they use over there. One time, on a train to Harrogate, the person sitting in front of me plugged her phone in to charge and got shocked. I laughed, but in a Monty Python sort of way."
80 T8 The World's End (2013) - 09 Sep 2023
"When I first watched this movie I was in a slightly altered state and couldn't figure out WHAT THE FUCK was going on. I mean, I thought it was a drinking movie. Aliens? But then I rewatched it in a slightly less altered state and enjoyed the hell out of it. Plus, Simon Pegg is a national treasure. Wait, I'm being told he's not American and his accent is real. mind. blown."
28 T2 Moonfall (2022) - 09 Sep 2023
"First Samwell Tarly cured greyscale, then he saved the earth/moon from nanobots. The dude is just straight up adorbs. The problem with this movie is that Nic Cage wasn't in it."
69 T5 Benched (2018) - 24 Aug 2023
"If you ever wanted to see what Dr. Cox would be like if he was a little league coach, this is your movie."
80 T8 A Man Called Otto (2023) - 05 Jul 2023
"While watching this, I was reminded of my own grandfather, who was coincidentally named Otto...though grandma lived to the ripe old age of 101, and was ornery as all hell. Why didn't you love me, grandma?"