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23 15% New York Minute (2004) - Rated 24 Apr 2024
"Why did she place the chip on the food?! Did the dog ever poop?"
42 40% Kill Your Darlings (2013) - Rated 23 Apr 2024
"Kinda messily constructed. The script doesn't flow very naturally and the performances leave a lot to be desired. The story is certainly interesting though."
59 75% eXistenZ (1999) - Rated 22 Apr 2024
"I wasn't really feeling it at first but it ended up being quite an engrossing little adventure. The concept is probably better than the execution, but I liked it."
61 79% Late Night with the Devil (2023) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"Quite reminiscent of some ARGs in the way it tells its story; I really enjoyed it. Not all of it worked (the ending was not great), but it was mostly solid throughout, and when it worked, it really worked."
67 90% Problemista (2023) - Rated 20 Apr 2024
"What a lovely, inspiring movie. It might not be immaculate on a technical level, nor is the script groundbreaking, but it made me so happy. :)"
16 7% Dollman vs. Demonic Toys (1993) - Rated 18 Apr 2024
"This one wasn't good, not even in a "so bad it's good" way. A lot of its 1 hour runtime is dedicated to flashbacks that show scenes from past films from both franchises, and the story that is actually new is so tedious. The final scenes where Baby Oopsie is trying to do... well, things, kinda soured me on this icon! I didn't think him capable."
22 13% The Marc Pease Experience (2009) - Rated 18 Apr 2024
"So incompetent in every way. My friend I'm watching every Jason Schwartzman movie with has kidnapped me and that's why I've seen this. Help."
17 8% A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III (2013) - Rated 18 Apr 2024
"Such a puzzling movie. It devotes itself to a bunch of misogynoirs that just seem to strongly dislike women, and especially the main character, who's quite disgusting in every possible way. Jason Schwartzman's wig was offensive as well. The ending where the entire crew reveals themselves was so brave, I would've been so embarrassed to be a part of this."
37 32% Immaculate (2024) - Rated 17 Apr 2024
"It's very run-of-the-mill and somewhat tedious at times, but it has its moments. This movie was not nuntastic."
64 85% Straw Dogs (1971) - Rated 15 Apr 2024
"A relaxing, sunday type of movie."