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T3 American Gods (2017) - Jul 04, 2017
T6 Lost Highway (1997) - Jul 01, 2017
"NO idea."
T1 The Tree of Life (2011) - Jul 01, 2017
"The moral of the story is don't be an asshole dad or your kid will grow up to become Sean Penn."
T4 Pinocchio (1940) - Jun 10, 2017
T6 Prison Break: Sequel (2017) - Jun 08, 2017
"The final two episodes are peak Prison Break, but everything leading up to that is meandering/perfunctory. It's also criminal how a certain returning character is wasted."
T10 Twin Peaks (2017) - May 22, 2017
"It's self-indulgent and has little regard for the viewer's expectations and desires of a Twin Peaks continuation, it remains to be seen whether it can peak as high as the original series, and I'm iffy on some of the creative decisions such as the sparse use of music, but surely there is no arguing this return is the most fantastic television event of all time? I've come into every episode so far expecting anything and still been surprised, and left with images I never thought I'd see in my life."
10 T10 Margaret (2011) - May 20, 2017
"(extended cut) I have grown up in a small town at the edge of the world and lived a solitary life. To see the inherent strangeness that city life has always held for me captured on film like this was edifying and cathartic beyond belief. I might have cried continuously for the full 186 minutes, had I not been completely drained after 30."
T9 Rabbits (2002) - May 19, 2017
"Finally a sitcom I can relate to."
T9 Inland Empire (2006) - May 19, 2017
"Halfway between the black lodge and the pre-fuck parts of a porno."
T9 Snowpiercer (2014) - May 19, 2017
"Unbelievable. Big grin on my face the whole damn time."