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70 57% Frankenstein Frankenstein (1931) - Rated 23 Aug 2017
"This must have been terrifying."
80 85% Citizenfour Citizenfour (2014) - Rated 24 Apr 2017
"Poitras very adeptly handles the balance between the microscopic (the Hong Kong hotel room) and the global. Like "Inside Job", it's shameless about being one-sided, but most political gut-punches are and, as such, it's essential."
65 42% The Beguiled The Beguiled (2017) - Rated 23 Aug 2017
"Both elevated and marred by its coldness."
65 42% Diabolique Diabolique (1955) - Rated 16 Apr 2017
"It's courageous about how dark it is and Clouzot nails some -I'll say it pretending no one else has- Hitchcock-esque displays of slow-burn, black-and-white suspense. I just guess the acting and plotting were too outrageous for me to get into this too much."
70 57% My Life as a Zucchini My Life as a Zucchini (2016) - Rated 18 Apr 2017
"Irresistibly animated and with very welcome darkness (it's basically a film about a boy killing his alcoholic mum in G-rated packaging). The bare storyline can seem either poignant or meager depending on the day."
65 42% Your Name. Your Name. (2016) - Rated 23 Aug 2017
"Well-crafted story and visuals and relatable characters, but I won't deny that this sort of mix of the apocalyptic and the cute does push some of my cynicism buttons."
90 97% Freaks Freaks (1932) - Rated 23 Aug 2017
"A wonder that this film was ever made -and it probably would have stayed in the works if it had been marketed as anything else as a 'horror movie' (or, nowadays, 'cult classic'). One of the most refreshingly matter-of-fact approaches to physical disability in cinema. The freaks are the heroes."
50 14% Traité de bave et d\ Traité de bave et d'éternité (1951) - Rated 23 Aug 2017
"Experimental, for sure, but it's probably for the better that it didn't start a trend."
55 21% Baby Driver Baby Driver (2017) - Rated 23 Aug 2017
"Some genuinelly rousing music-to-image synchronising and Wright's knack for smartly structured storytelling try to keep a bunch of clichés (and Kevin Spacey's wax statue) standing upright. Especially annoyed with the witty-but-perpetually-game 'romantic interest' (Emma Stone-lite) and the way the movie relegates blackness (they set it in Atlanta too, of all places) to a tough-guy character (Jamie Foxx, of course), a Magical Negro type of character and a 'cool' soundtrack."
65 42% The Pervert\ The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (2006) - Rated 01 May 2017
"Maybe it's my lack of education in Lacanian psychoanalysis but every time I went "Oh, that's interesting", Zizek had jumped to the next fragmented string of thought. But, that's part of the charm."