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100 99% All of Us Strangers (2023) - 02 Mar 2024
"Deeply beautiful, devastating and emotionally earnest in a way I'm not sure I've seen before, this was absolutely great, no further words needed."
93 85% True Detective (2024) - 26 Feb 2024
"Absolute banger! First season took itself so seriously. But this? Foster and Reis were amazing (and hot!!) and this season tells a full story with layers of meaning, while also being - hilariously - a critique of the first season and of the genre itself, in the way it plays with the conventions and gender roles usually assigned. So many compelling characters (at least 7) and a lot of moments I'll keep thinking about. Perhaps my critique would be: too many little flashbacks?"
13 1% Avatar: The Last Airbender (2024) - 26 Feb 2024
"Guess what? Nobody ever adapted the animated ATLA into live action. None of that ever happened. Blechh."
95 90% Poor Things (2023) - 17 Feb 2024
"A wonderful tale about women's agency and autonomy in a (Victorian) context that seeks to infantilize women's desires. I loved Bella as a character with no shame, in the best way, but with ample curiosity, a zest for life, a wanting to explore and know and understand (a pretty great subversion of the Born Sexy Yesterday Trope). Was very pleasantly surprised by the nuanced approach on sex work as well. The movie was also gorgeous in costumes and sets and score."
83 44% Lover Come Back (1961) - 10 Feb 2024
"This was a very fun romp (especially with the boss who was going to therapy), but in the end felt uneven in the romantic relationship part. The ending was disappointing to me."
100 99% Crash (1996) - 10 Feb 2024
"A perfect movie (yah, I said that) that lives in the tension (and friction) between violent car crashes and sex scenes full of impossible tenderness. But make it really weird and non-normative. It's a film where you can see everybody's wounds and they can see each other's wounds, which leads to vulnerability and intimacy."
85 50% The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944) - 09 Feb 2024
"Wow. That was extremely screwbally."
59 8% Fatal Deviation (1998) - 27 Jan 2024
"Kinda won me over? This is a sizzle reel for James Bennett to get hired working with JCVD and it worked for him. It's not good, it's very bad, but quite fun, actually. Blooper reel at the end!"
55 7% Saltburn (2023) - 21 Jan 2024
"This was 'Cringe: The Movie'. I guess it made me uncomfortable to watch it, and that's a good thing, but also it has no damn idea what it wants to say about class (nothing, really, not much adds up here). The cast is good and some of the shots are pretty, so that was a positive thing? Characterization, especially for Ollie, has some jarring turns. I would have picked Common People for the karaoke. Really weird to hear Have a Cheeky Christmas on the soundtrack."
95 90% The Boy and the Heron (2023) - 06 Jan 2024
"Truly wonderful, dream-logic and logic-logic, sort of a last will and testament of Miyazaki as a creator. It has so many layers (takes you from WWII reality, deeper and deeper and deeper into the magic) and it all really makes sense, thematically and emotionally. It's also funny and the visuals are magical and wondrous."