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Bio: I am a fan of films. Not only great art, but great trash. Both are worthy of bringing with me on an island which hopefully won't end up like Cast Away...What a horrible movie.

Fave filmmakers:
1. Kurosawa, Akira
2. Bergman, Ingmar
3. Kubrick, Stanley
4. Carpenter, John
5. Herzog, Werner
6. Scorsese, Martin
7. Fincher, David
8. Hitchcock, Alfred
9. Lang, Fritz
10. Clouzot, Henri-Georges
11. Aronovsky, Darren
12. Scott, Ridley
13. Mann, Michael
14. Stone, Oliver (80s to mid 90s)
15. Coen, Joel and Ethan
16. Coppola, Francis Ford
17. Spielberg, Steven (up to the mid 90s)
18. Friedkin, William
19. Raimi, Sam
20. Truffaut, François

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39 17% Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland (2010) - Rated 07 Mar 2010
"One of the biggest and most spectacular of failures I have seen in recent years, Alice in Wonderland is Burton's attempt to make Carroll's story for the goth crowd. The father issues continue, as do the themes of isolation and "individuality" (basically being pale and childlike passes as different in Burton's book). Johnny Depp also gives another gut-wrenching performance while the plot goes nowhere. Easily Burton's worst film he's ever made. Don't waste your money."
100 99% Ikiru Ikiru (1952) - Rated 25 May 2007
"Absolutely magnificent film that is one of my favorites. One of the few motion pictures that will make you look at life in a different way afterwards. Inspiring."
92 94% Let the Right One In Let the Right One In (2008) - Rated 18 Oct 2010
"One of the best horror films in a long, long time. Particularly impressive because it is able to tell a love story between two children more effectively than most films are able to do with adults. It is also incredibly beautiful and poignant."