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59 22% The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) - Rated 10 Jul 2022
"Either this has something to say and it's not saying it very well, or it has nothing to say and has no just reason to manipulate your emotions when it decides to be dramatic. Not weird enough to dismiss any substance, not funny enough to be a comedy, not grounded enough to take seriously; not a complete failure on the entertainment spectrum either, but what does it all add up to? Alas, I've never been good at maths. One thing's for certain: Owen Wilson can't act for fruitcake."
100 99% Perfect Blue Perfect Blue (1998) - Rated 08 Jun 2022
"What could easily be mistaken for a trashy stalker-slasher actually morphs into something far more high brow. Kon's script and direction elevate this high above the source material and the original intent for the film, speaking directly into Japanese culture, celebrity culture, the internet age, exploitation, identity, the film industry, obsession... the list goes on. It's a tightly packed and profound piece of animation that is virtually impossible to absorb on a single watch."
20 1% Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) - Rated 10 Jul 2022
"Carrey is a weak, dusty, crack of light that shimmers briefly in this cavern of badness: a mediocre, derivative, on-the-nose, children's, buddy bromance that fails to elevate itself above the standard of "feature-length, Youtube fan-film" (no offence to those that make Youtube fan films)."
50 14% Hardcore Henry Hardcore Henry (2016) - Rated 10 Jul 2022
"Telekinetic Tommy Wiseau and his cyborg army are out to get you (Henry, that is), and it's kill or be killed. The cinematic equivalent of a rail shooter, and an admirable attempt at something different, but a little too frenetic to be enjoyable. It isn't bad as such; I'm just not sure that it works. Like watching a friend blast away on a new game while you sit waiting, you know it's going to be more fun once you get your turn - but this time your turn isn't coming."
60 31% Tideland Tideland (2005) - Rated 08 Jul 2022
"Since this is viewed through the lens of a child, it's quite easy to feel subtly uncomfortable and yet also strangely distant. The abuse and the dead bodies and the sprinkling of paedophilia that's discovered on the trail is almost sidetracked by the fantasy narrative woven by our protagonist's imagination. Not uncommon for Gilliam, this feels one step short of nailing what it wants to be. I enjoyed the final act, but it's a slow, awkward, uncertain plod to get there and it just doesn't click."
65 42% The Man Who Killed Don Quixote The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018) - Rated 10 Jul 2022
"Given its troubled history, the subject matter feels very apt. A film about art, lost passion, identity; it's delightfully meta, & that alone scores in its favour. Alas, while I'd love to say it's a masterpiece, that it was all worth it, the reality is that Gilliam's labour of love is merely a labour of love; charming, admirable & not without merit, but ultimately unsatisfying, frequently awkward & messily executed. Aspects are enjoyable, fans should see it, but it's not all it should be."
85 90% The Salesman The Salesman (2016) - Rated 09 Jul 2022
"A couple's lives are shaken by an unfortunate incident, & a key factor in their failure to heal and reconnect is the husband's pride & insatiable desire for "justice". What's fascinating is how well all sides are presented & the audience's emotions subverted. Sometimes victims are not the only victims, but everyone connected to the act in some way can suffer, & the offender isn't always who you expect them to be. Public humiliation won't satisfy. Revenge won't satisfy. Forgiveness is essential."
70 54% Ginger Snaps Ginger Snaps (2000) - Rated 23 Jun 2022
"Lycan mythology subverted & plainly used as metaphor for hitting puberty. Over-bleak & grim, but fairly solid for what it is & good practical effects. I really enjoy the humble Werewolf as a monster, so points for ticking that box (even if I prefer them with more hair). But what I'm most concerned about is whether it's called Ginger Snaps because Ginger snaps (mentally) or because Ginger SNAP-SNAP-SNAPS (her jaws)... or is it just a fun reference to one of Britain's best biscuits?"
85 90% Days of Heaven Days of Heaven (1978) - Rated 08 Aug 2022
"Tragedy manifests with uncharacteristic beauty. Mallick's refusal to indulge in dialogue sacrifices some cohesion in the opening act, and makes things a touch choppy when the fire burns high, but the imagery and atmosphere more than make up for it. An utterly unique experience; a dream you can't look away from. Hearts ache in the midst of heaven's warm glow."
50 14% Tetsuo: The Iron Man Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989) - Rated 10 Jul 2022
"Fincher's Seven has a scene that I find very unsettling: the interrogation revealing the cause of death for "Lust". A scene in Tetsuo depicts something similar, only visually, & it's far less impactful than Seven's oral confession. Having said that, much here is graphically effective, being a disturbing exploration of depraved fetishism. But what begins as crude, dark, bizarre, effective, disturbing & well-shot horror, ultimately becomes so chaotic & impenetrable that it winds up looking silly."