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Member Since: Apr 19, 2018

Location: USA

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73 45% Swimming Pool (2003) - Nov 28, 2020
78 60% My Neighbor Totoro (1988) - Nov 28, 2020
70 31% I'm Thinking of Ending Things (2020) - Sep 13, 2020
"In the end, the plot left me wanting for more. Not necessarily a big reveal or anything, but the payoff for all the bits we were handed -some could say had to endure- ended up being checkers pieces to a very much expected narrative."
74 49% Horrible Bosses (2011) - Sep 07, 2020
"The acting and the cast is amazing for a comedy. It's a rare movie where you can watch Spacey without cringing in 2020 because he's an outright horrible guy without any nuances. The plot wears thin at certain points but it remains amusing throughout. "
72 39% Grease (1978) - Sep 07, 2020
"An obviously iconic movie with a great soundtrack very good choreography. That being said, the nonexistence of a plot haunts the movie, and it feels like its cultural appeal and significance will wane in time if it hasn't already. It touches important themes but very superficially and ambiguously for modern times."
69 28% You've Got Mail (1998) - Aug 09, 2020
67 23% Idiocracy (2006) - Aug 03, 2020
"I probably would have hated this movie 10 years ago. The premise is still superficial and ridiculous, but in a way not so much. Recast Wilson and inject a little more intellect into the movie and it can become a pretty good one today."
84 82% Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005) - Aug 02, 2020
76 53% Yes, God, Yes (2020) - Aug 02, 2020
91 93% Lars and the Real Girl (2007) - Jun 30, 2020
"One of the most charming movies I've seen lately. Sure, it has flaws if you look deep enough but who cares? Brilliant."