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Member Since: Feb 5, 2017

Location: Bay Area, California, USA

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60 35% The Quest (1986) - Jan 13, 2019
55 26% American Fable (2016) - Jan 06, 2019
70 56% The Visitor (1979) - Dec 29, 2018
"At its best, this willfully strange Omen/Exorcist/Rosemary imitation (with a nutty pulp/Manichaean cosmology in place of staid Catholicism) operates on a level of feverish hysteria that successfully prizes sensation over sense. On a narrative level the scenes barely hang together, but many of the scenes themselves are great absurd stuff, full of out-of-nowhere bombastic slo-mo action and filmed with a prowling camera that imparts a menacing atmosphere. That said, this is occasionally a slog."
55 26% Mom and Dad (2017) - Dec 25, 2018
"Despite a few bright moments, this is largely a concept in search of a movie. The non-ending, in particular, reads like laziness played off as an edgy f.u. to the audience. I'm also tired of self-aware Nicolas Cage fan service moments ("From the man who brought you 'Not the bees!' comes...psychotic 'Hokey Pokey!'") but apparently I'm in the minority on that."
55 26% The Monster (2016) - Dec 23, 2018
"As in Bertino's debut feature, The Strangers, two people with an effectively dead relationship are brought back together by a deadly threat in the night. In this case, strong performances, believable characters and eerie atmosphere are hampered by an uninteresting monster and a minimalist plot painfully stretched out to feature length (the monster conveniently spends a lot of time just chilling off screen). "
60 35% Die Hölle (2017) - Dec 22, 2018
75 69% Black Christmas (1974) - Dec 22, 2018
80 81% Anomalisa (2015) - Dec 22, 2018
65 45% The Visit (2015) - Dec 22, 2018
50 18% Hush (2016) - Dec 22, 2018