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51 21% Battle: Los Angeles (2011) - Rated 25 Mar 2011
"This film is basically just pornography for marines and people who wish they were as bad ass as marines. The aliens aren't alien at all, they resemble a slightly advanced first-world human military (possessing bullets and aircraft). The script probably featured an invading force from China, but was altered to aliens to maximize appeal and profits. I could overlook all of the above if the action wasn't so ho-hum. No memorable set pieces, and the story is pretty bland."
39 10% Outrage (2009) - Rated 25 Mar 2011
"Instead of offering interesting commentary on the psyche of the closeted conservative homosexual politician and their choice in anti-gay policy positions, we have a film that just seeks to out closeted conservative gays. Even worse, Dick goes beyond politicians, and without much evidence, outs Fox News anchor Shep Smith. Dick's unnecessary drubbing and outing of Smith and careful exclusion of anchors like Anderson Cooper show his partisan leanings. Pass on this one."
68 56% Freakonomics (2010) - Rated 25 Mar 2011
"Feels less like a documentary with a singular vision and more so like a series of interesting doc vignettes. Which makes sense considering how many directors are on board. I haven't read the book, so am not sure the differences between content, but I thought that each chapter provided something worthwhile. I really enjoyed the segment that sought to find the correlation between legalized abortion and lowered crime (though I'm sure that portion angered plenty of people)."
58 29% Clash of the Titans (2010) - Rated 18 Jan 2011
"Slightly better than mediocre fantasy action adventure. Never feels quite as epic as it should be and Kraken showdown was a little underwhelming. Biggest issue is the bland-tacular Sam Worthington who has no charisma whatsoever. Could have been much stronger with a different lead."
39 10% Surrogates (2009) - Rated 18 Jan 2011
"Bleh. For some reason I watched this back to back with Gamer and they had very similar plots/themes. Both films should be avoided."
39 10% Gamer (2009) - Rated 18 Jan 2011
"Bleh. For some reason I watched this back to back with Surrogates and they had very similar plots/themes. Both films should be avoided."
56 27% Jennifer's Body (2009) - Rated 18 Jan 2011
"I had the lowest possible expectations for this film. Given that Megan Fox is reliably terrible and Diablo Cody's dialogue wore off its welcome 15 minutes into Juno, I was prepared for the worst. The film was just so bizarre and off-kilter that it was mildly enjoyable. I remember seeing trailers that made this thing look like a straight up horror film, but it's really a horror-comedy satirizing high-school romance. Kind of reminded me of Idle Hands. Worth a drunken watch."
73 76% Good Hair (2009) - Rated 17 Jan 2011
"Chris Rock plays your low key (thankfully) ambassador into the fascinating world of black hair, focusing mostly on the female side of things. I had no idea how much money, time and effort goes into giving black women 'good' (i.e. straight) hair. Though, on its surface, it's a film about hair, the commentary on race and what it means (and costs) to be beautiful and black is woven in well. Definitely worth seeing."
61 35% Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010) - Rated 17 Jan 2011
"Zach Snyder once again excels in style and falters in substance. While the film has incredible visuals, with all of the aerial sequences having a breathtaking quality, the script and story are simple and lacking. A fun enough family adventure, though a warning to those with really young kids, this picture may be a little too violent (lots o' dead birds)."
74 79% Eyes Wide Shut (1999) - Rated 15 Jan 2011
"Kubrick's final film feels like the first 2 acts of an incomplete masterpiece. It ends too early, giving us only several glimpses into an intriguing, bizarre sexual world filled with masked orgies featuring what, I assume, are a secret cabal of the world's power brokers banging models. Though, in its teasing, incomplete structure, the whole thing feels like a commentary on sexual frustration... but damn If I didn't want Cruise's character to try and go back, even if it meant certain doom."