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Cinema Addict - 1263 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 29, 2009

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Age: 33

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60 4% 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - Jan 02, 2010
"Utterly exhausting. Although it holds a fairly interesting concept, staying awake is almost too great of a challenge."
91 96% The Best of Youth (2003) - Jul 01, 2010
"Very beautiful and emotional from start to finish, well deserved its long runtime. A small story of an Italian family with all the beauty of Italy entwined in it. Great performances all around and especially from Luigi Lo Cascio as Nicola."
68 10% Death in Venice (1971) - Jul 05, 2010
"A film about a sick music proffesor going to rest in Venice. This man is unlikeable, uninteresting, snobbish, arrogant and pretentious. Or in short - boring and annoying. Oh, and also a pedophile. Also there's no story. Watching this is basically waiting two hours for the bastard to die, which seems to be the only thing that could end our mutual suffering. A great performance from Bogarde and the music from Mahler saves it from a complete disaster."
95 99% Casablanca (1942) - Dec 29, 2009
"The definition of the word 'classic'"
81 55% A Trip to the Moon (1902) - Apr 16, 2010
"The first ever no-bullshit kick-ass sci-fi featurs a few pompous astronauts, perky yet gentle aliens, and 'The Moon' as a supporting character. Too bad the real moon isn't nearly as much fun as the one seen here..."
90 95% Crash (2005) - Jun 26, 2010
"Many disregard this film for being too much "in your face", but to me that's exactly why I prefer it to others of the sort, such as Magnolia or Short Cuts. Here I can actually get the message. It also has some awesome performances and soundtrack, all together making a great film."
88 91% A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) - Jan 05, 2010
"This film, together with Casablanca, made me realize how much I was missing when I was avoiding old B&Ws. Brando and Leigh are both so captivating, each of them owns the screen. and when they're together, it's wonderfully unbearable. one of the best 'negative' chemistries ever, many villain/hero duos have much to learn from this."
100 99% Harakiri (1962) - Feb 16, 2010
"This film is so haunting, so hypnotyzing, I had dreams in japanese after watching it :o. A heart-crashing performance from Nakadai, single-handedly exposing the absurdity and hypocricy of the samurai code. However the most amazing thing is how the story unfolds, it just sucks you in completely."
94 98% Into the Wild (2007) - Dec 29, 2009
"I can see how some might not like this chap (though I did), but even than, the breathtaking scenery and deeply moving soundtrack alone are more than worth a watch. Also, being a true story, it raises interesting questions about his motives and ideas - I was surprised and intrigued to see how other people had very different opinions on the guy."
40 0% Un Chien Andalou (1929) - Jul 08, 2010
"What the fuck?? this makes no sense! Is that the point, to make no sense? If so, I find it stupid. A glorified student film."