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Bio: Animation is my absolute passion and it breaks my heart when people mistakenly identify it as a genre or as something only for children. I also enjoy science fiction, fantasy, film noir, and period pieces.

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30 T1 This Film Is Not Yet Rated This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006) - 22 Jul 2008
"I started watching this all ready to be on Kirby Dick's side, and he blew it. Far too much time was spent on violating the privacy of the ratings board, and not enough emphasizing the inherent problems of the MPAA ratings system. I ended up turning the film off 75% of the way through because I was so tired of Mr. Dick being an immature muckraker instead of representing the filmmakers who were forced to compromise their visions."
80 T8 The Devil and Daniel Webster The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941) - 28 Apr 2008
"It's an amusing little story (though I guess I wasn't supposed to find it funny), even though it paints Daniel Webster as some sort of saint when history shows he wasn't. Mr. Scratch is the highlight of this, especially in the ending scene."
95 T10 Dead Again Dead Again (1991) - 02 Jul 2009
"A fantastic modern film noir with a lot of Hitchcockian influences and a surprising amount of comedy. The art direction has a definite surrealist feel to it too. Branagh, Thompson and Jacobi are absolutely fantastic in this - I still can't get over how perfect Branagh's American accent was. I think the only thing preventing me from giving this a full 100 is that Grace's hair is absolutely atrocious, even for a supposed eccentric artist."
90 T10 Zodiac Zodiac (2007) - 09 Mar 2007
"This film deserved to be a huge hit. It deserved Oscars. I am convinced that time will show that this film, not Fight Club, is David Fincher's masterpiece. Fantastic performances (this film got me back on RDJ's team long before Iron Man) and you can tell the crew really did their research. I love the creepily shot night scenes and the subtle costuming and set designs that illustrate the passage of time."
95 T10 Snow-White Snow-White (1933) - 24 Mar 2008
"Utterly bizarre, but that's the best part of it. Cab Calloway's rotoscoped performance as Koko the Clown singing "St. James Infirmary" is a highlight. Be sure to watch the scrolling background behind Koko during this part, there's some truly disturbing and interesting imagery."
100 T10 Duck Amuck Duck Amuck (1953) - 24 Mar 2008
"This is probably one of the greatest cartoons ever made. It's just fascinating to look back on this and realize what Chuck Jones was getting at - you can break the fourth wall, change Daffy's appearance, voice, individuality and make him aware that he is a cartoon character, but Daffy still remains Daffy. This is a great cartoon for anyone interested in film production or wishing to consider the abstract nature of what characterization really means."
85 T9 The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics (1965) - 03 Mar 2009
"I loathe math, and yet I love this cartoon because it is math. Cute story, and has some very interesting abstract animation from Chuck Jones."
35 T2 The Doors The Doors (1991) - 04 Jan 2009
"Val Kilmer is excellent, and often uncanny when he fills in for Morrison's vocals. However, the film is overlong, has way too much nudity (speaking as a heterosexual woman here) and is completely and utterly irresponsible. I was extremely relieved to find out that a good portion of the depiction of Morrison was fabricated, because this movie nearly made me hate one of my rock gods. So screw you, Oliver Stone."
85 T9 Easy Virtue Easy Virtue (2008) - 29 May 2009
"This is not a typical modern comedy with explicit sex jokes or gross-out humour. I prefer the British style of comedy, plus I love period pictures, so this really appealed to me. Plus, it's nice to see Jessica Biel actually attempt a part that isn't just another throwaway horror film or awful action flick."
70 T5 Now Hear This Now Hear This (1963) - 05 Jan 2009
"Boy, this is weird. It's more of an exploration on the marriage of animation and sound than any sort of traditional narrative, and in that respect, it's quite interesting. I can't see anyone other than an animation buff or film student being interested in this short though, it's a little too abstract for the masses. Maybe that's why it's never televised."