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Member Since: Oct 11, 2017

Location: UK

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83 34% The Past (2013) - Mar 12, 2019
70 4% 2046 (2004) - Mar 02, 2019
"This is too much Wong Kar Wai"
88 75% Cold War (2018) - Feb 17, 2019
"Beautiful storytelling, incredible how he accomplishes it in 90 minutes. Anyone who doesnt understand why they went back is a cop. "
90 85% If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) - Feb 15, 2019
"Beautiful, and rare for a movie so saturated with emotion to build so well to the only, inevitable, no less devastating ending. "
70 4% Vice (2018) - Feb 09, 2019
"There is 45 minutes of a great movie here"
85 56% Wajib (2017) - Feb 06, 2019
"V good - at first the reaction was mixed cos it felt like something all of us could make, but thats its strength"
85 56% Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018) - Feb 06, 2019
"So much sadder than I expected. Some beautiful entries to exposition in dialogue "
84 41% Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005) - Feb 05, 2019
"One of the best low fis - interesting how the aesthetic that would grate in other circumstances works here - maybe because of the lack of obvious inspirational directness and subsequent seriousness "
85 56% Let the Sunshine In (2017) - Jan 10, 2019
"The scene where she shouts at the artists is amazing. The procession of the worst French men known to the world is also hilarious and horrifying. It really grows into something fantastic in the second half"
87 69% Shoplifters (2018) - Jan 10, 2019
"It's like all the softness of his later films has gone off and its all hard edges. Some of the best performances in any of his films, and the small moments all combine to work perfectly - the fragmented ending is especially good. Nobody gets away with anything for the amount of time they need. The boy is particularly devastating - the bridge scene is some of his most heartbreaking stuff. The not so great parts of the movie are all smoothed over by the small moments of beauty. "