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69 T4 The Book of Eli (2010) - Jan 05, 2018
"Good parts: Denzel Washington, setting, Al Green. Everything else varies from mediocre to bad."
70 T4 Freddy Vs. Jason (2003) - Jan 05, 2018
"I have a soft spot for Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St, so this was kind of a given for me. It wasn't egregiously bad or anything and it pretty much would have had to have been for me to hate it."
52 T2 The Last Witch Hunter (2015) - Jan 05, 2018
"I like some of the ideas in this, and witches are always cool. I mean, how the hell do you make a movie about witches this uninteresting, Vin Diesel?"
63 T3 John Dies at the End (2012) - Jan 05, 2018
50 T2 Play Misty for Me (1971) - Jan 05, 2018
"Okay, but kind of slow. There is one scene where Killing Me Softly plays in pretty much it's entirety. I love that song, but it seriously feels like that part of the movie goes on for six hours. "
88 T9 Strange Brew (1983) - Jan 05, 2018
70 T4 Blades of Glory (2007) - Jan 05, 2018
38 T1 Lost in Space (1998) - Jan 05, 2018
"I think I watched this all the way through once but I haven't been able to since because I just get really bored about thirty minutes in. A waste of some pretty good actors too."
50 T2 The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) - Jan 05, 2018
"Better than the book, not that this is some kind of major accomplishment. The secondary characters are far more enjoyable than Bella and Edward, who are dishwater dull and just generally annoying (though the actors are tolerable)."