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Cinema Addict - 1692 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 21, 2007

Bio: An average film nowadays has a runtime of 90 minutes, that's 90 minutes of an infinitely valuable finite resource. I love watching movies, that's my escape, what I love even more is watching good movies. My reason for participation here on this site is so I can tip others off to the movies I enjoy and warn them about the crap.
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74 73% Up in the Air (2009) - Feb 23, 2010
"Very Good. Clooney is great as the emotionally numb frequent flying angel of corporate death. The theme is nothing new, its all been done before and here its done a bit better. But the formulaic plot more than makes up for it with a great unconventional honest ending. Some great career making performances and an over all fun vibe lift this way above similar drama/coms. Highly recommended."
85 86% The Secret in Their Eyes (2009) - Feb 04, 2010
"Excellent. A rare feast that has all the right ingredients. This film successfully blends such a multitude of themes and emotions.. duty, decency, hate, revenge, friendship, unrequited love. Beautiful cinematography, amazing performances, flawless direction and production, an awe inspiring cinematic accomplishment. Very highly recommended."