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Movie Buff - 252 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 27, 2021

Location: Finland

Age: 19

Bio: (he/him) I've always made movies with my friends, but they were initially just bad comedy films, mostly improvised. Parasite inspired me to start watching more cinema, and since February 2020 I've watched a ton of films already. Feel free to add me and message me!
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80 51% Skyfall (2012) - Sep 24, 2021
"First of all, Roger Deakins really nailed the look of this film. That's definitely my favorite thing about it. The theme music is great, as everyone already knows. Craig and Bardem were great. Maybe not the most impressive storyline, but it is entertaining."
85 78% Black Swan (2010) - Sep 22, 2021
"Natalie Portman was just brilliant. The dedication could be seen. Great writing and great directing. I always love Aronofsky's realistic style, which makes his films even scarier."
90 93% Dune (2021) - Sep 17, 2021
"I hadn't heard of Dune before this film was announced. I wish I had. Dune is spectacular. Villeneuve really succeeded in directing this adaption. The visuals from Greig Fraser are breathtaking, some of the best ever. Hans Zimmer produces an amazing soundtrack. I think both Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac and Rebecca Ferguson stood out for me, but the entire cast was great. Hopefully we get a part two."
78 41% Stoker (2013) - Sep 16, 2021
"Another good Park Chan-wook film with masterful directing. Some of those shots were stunning, and I expected nothing less from him. The film is entertaining, but it's not the strongest story Park has to offer."
77 38% Lincoln (2012) - Sep 15, 2021
"To be honest, it's painfully slow. There are definitely moments, that I would've cut. The peak of this film is definitely the voting scene, which I enjoyed. And then, all the praise goes to DDL, who was absolutely brilliant and carried this movie on his shoulders. He makes any film watchable, even if they are as slow as this one."
89 91% Peaky Blinders (2013) - Sep 13, 2021
"A really great series so far. Cillian Murphy (Tommy) and Paul Anderson (Arthur) are phenomenal, and their characters are really deep and rich. Complex storylines and amazing side characters as well. Looking forward to season 6."
83 70% Ford v Ferrari (2019) - Sep 12, 2021
"A spectacular film! The racing sequences were great, very nicely shot and edited. Christian Bale stole the show. Anyone can enjoy this film, even if they know nothing about racing. "
81 59% Dunkirk (2017) - Sep 11, 2021
"I absolutely loved the cinematography in this one. It's plain but it's so gorgeous. The cast is really interesting, with a ton of names I didn't know prior to this film. I was expecting something different but since it's a Nolan film, there had to be a few quirks which definitely made it much more unique."
81 59% The Wailing (2016) - Sep 10, 2021
"A really entertaining horror movie with some terrifying scenes. Maybe not an actual, scary horror movie, but more of a thriller with horror elements and an eerie atmosphere. The plot was really unpredictable and I was trying to guess what would happen, without success. Maybe a bit too long, but wasn't bored at any time."
70 19% Lucy (2014) - Sep 09, 2021
"I liked the premise a lot. The idea sounded really cool and logical, but then it went towards a cheesy action/sci-fi film where nothing made sense. It was entertaining though, mostly for the surprisingly good cast they got with Johansson, Freeman and Choi Min-sik."