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Cinema Addict - 1680 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 4, 2006

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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75 71% Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) - Oct 18, 2018
"Very good, if a little beige and perhaps a bit muddled with all the jumping back-and-forth. That cast is terrific. Perhaps it isn't as ultimately satisfying as it should be, but this is still a superior spy thriller."
39 10% The Toolbox Murders (1978) - Oct 18, 2018
"A bit sleazy and showing some potential at the outset, but it quickly descended into something rather boring, and lacking the charm and style of the better entries in the crap killer canon. The acting and music were particular lowlights. Very difficult to recommend."
79 80% Enter the Dragon (1973) - Oct 16, 2018
"The battle with the guards WAS magnificent. His skill IS extraordinary. Enjoyable 70s nonsense which is at its best when Lee is beating seven colours of shit out of people. Saxon and Kelly bring some fun to the party, and that Schifrin score is quality. Despite its reputation, there are probably better kung fu films, but this has a fairly unique appeal."
60 38% Eyes of Laura Mars (1978) - Oct 10, 2018
"Interesting actors, interesting premise, nicely made. It's just missing something, an Ingredient X, that could've made it quite special. Worth a look."
55 27% Dream Lover (1994) - Oct 10, 2018
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmädchen Amick. I can't remember much else about this film. Sorry."
78 78% The Old Dark House (1932) - Oct 02, 2018
"A curious blend of classic (gentle) horror and black humour, laced with some wit and charm originating from the fine cast. Nobody does scary-but-sympathetic shambling hulk quite like Karloff, and the others riff off each other most effectively; Douglas in particular is good value for money. Perhaps the ending felt a bit slight in relation to the scene-setting, but it was worth watching. I was never buying "John" Dudgeon, though... "
43 14% Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) - Sep 27, 2018
"They probably shouldn't have gone back."
70 58% The Post (2017) - Sep 24, 2018
"It's the "All The President's Men" origin story. Decent, workmanlike, but the workmen are all pretty damn good. Needed a bit more oomph, but this is worth watching."
60 38% Death Race 2000 (1975) - Sep 24, 2018
"This feels very culty. At the start, I wasn't particularly engaged with this, but as the lunacy unfolded I got increasingly into it. It isn't particularly well made, but hits enough of its targets to make it interesting. It's either hugely daft, or very clever. I can't quite figure out which. Either way, it's pretty good fun, and worth a look."
77 76% Blow Out (1981) - Sep 23, 2018
"Opens strongly, and holds the attenstion throughout, even if the ending left an odd taste in the mouth. Terrific use of the camera, sound and colour, the score seems like it is from another era. Feels like an homage to countless other films; Hitchcockian and noir elements featuring highly. Travolta does well in the lead, and the assembly of interesting character actors add flavour; Allen grates a bit, though, Worth seeing - maybe De Palma's best."