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78 78% Out of the Blue (1980) - Aug 16, 2018
"Really enjoyed this. Hopper proves capable behind and in front of the camera, the look and feel of the film enhanced by the well-chosen music. Canada proves a useful setting for Hicksville, America. Aside from Hopper, Don Gordon is very watchable as a complete shit, but Linda Manz does an exceptional job as the troubled CeBe. It's hard to guess at the outset how it's going to end up, but this is quite a journey, shifting between moments of despair, hope and horror. Deserves to be better known."
70 58% River's Edge (1986) - Aug 16, 2018
"An odd, downbeat, almost surreal yarn about dark episode in the life of some young 'uns who on a better day would be in a John Hughes or Richard Linklater flick. It feels a bit disjointed, Crispin Glover overdoes it even for him, there's a slightly unsettling intercut sex/murder scene, and there's the world's most worst twelve-year-old in it. It is compelling, however, and even though some of Glover's antics might take you out of it, it feels largely plausible. Plus Hopper is in it. Intriguing."
72 64% Don't Breathe (2016) - Aug 06, 2018
"This was impressive. Taught, tense, controlled and impressively shot, wisely eschewing cheap scares for an atmosphere driven by threat. The cast do a great job, in particular Lang brings a grizzled intensity to his role. It perhaps suffers slightly from featuring somewhat unsympathetic characters, and just starts edging away from credibility towards the end, but this is solid entertainment. Alvarez shows great promise. "
56 30% Jason Bourne (2016) - Aug 06, 2018
"Competently made, and enjoyable enough. I felt like I'd seen this before, though, and it was more interesting and exciting first time. The action scenes got a bit silly at times, although they looked good. A lot of the characters felt a bit bland, but Cassel was a worthwhile addition. This one doesn't really have enough to warrant me going back for another look, but it's fine."
57 31% 6 Days (2017) - Aug 02, 2018
"Another good performance by Strong, ditto Bell. Cornish feels miscast, however. The atmosphere builds nicely throughout, the negotiation scenes and the SAS training parts were handled well, and the overall feel of the film is pretty good. The tension never really gets ratcheted up sufficiently, though, and the final assault lacked intensity. A likeable, if understated, attempt at historical document. There's probably a better film still to be made about this episode. Needed more swearing."
58 33% Extinction (2018) - Aug 02, 2018
"A reasonably interesting and involving sci-fi with some good ideas let down a bit by some substandard visuals and action scenes. The cast is decent, and there are some tense moments, but it occasionally feels a bit flat. Worth a look; it tries to offer something a bit different, but temper your expectations. "
81 85% Santa sangre (1989) - Aug 02, 2018
"It was pretty clear from the outset that this wasn't going to be straightforward. It features striking imagery and use of colour, an interesting soundtrack and use of sound, and some very unusual characters getting up to unusual things. It isn't just weird for weird's sake, though - it actually feels quite coherent, and rather involving. A compelling, surreal, stylish and rather enjoyable quasi-horror film."
81 85% The Woman in the Window (1944) - Aug 01, 2018
"I really like Robinson, and he's great in this. Bennett also shines, and is given good material with which to work. Lang is clearly a gifted and capable director - I must make an effort to watch more of his work. This is genuinely tense, entertainingly so. My initial reaction to the ending wasn't positive, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes in the context of the rest of the film. Well worth seeing."
76 74% The Stranger (1946) - Jul 31, 2018
"This has an intriguing premise which, despite feeling a bit underdeveloped, supplies some good noir entertainment. Robinson is very watchable as usual, as is Welles, who unravels nicely, although I'm not sure I fully bought him as a Nazi. There is some great camerawork, and the use of light and dark is impressive. The ending was probably more fun than it should have been. Very decent."
77 76% Black Panther (2018) - Jul 26, 2018
"This looks great, and it pops with imagination, science, kinetic action, drama and humour. The casting/acting is spot on, and the film has a whole load of character and an identity that both feels fresh and fits neatly in the Marvel universe. A few CGI missteps don't really harm it. Lots to enjoy here."