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85 55% Battlestar Galactica (2003) - Rated 08 Aug 2011
"GOOD: Takes plot, roles seriously, good scripting, good plots, Most acting good to decent ; BAD: Silly religious overtones and story doesn't fit, Gaius is a terrible actor, way over-the-top, blonde in Gaius head overdone and got tiresome, Cylon clone plots got really tired, too repetitive, not enough space battles"
84 51% Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) - Rated 22 Jul 2011
"GOOD:Special Effects:skinny Cap, others,Chemistry between him/girl,Overall message,Pace,Doctor that helped,Reference Japanese-American racism; BAD:Villain: not compelling, mask cheezy,Henchmen:looked really dorky, with their masks,flamethrowers,lasers,Jumped around too much, scenes didn't flow,Message:lie,take drugs,Shield action boring,Not convinced when he took acting job,Motorcycle scene cheezy,Tommy Lee too noticable,Friend dying wasn't built-up properly, falls short"
10 12% Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) - Rated 10 Jul 2011
"GOOD: Forest Scene ; BAD: Everything else (special effects, ghetto robots, humor, etc)"
6% Brazil (1985) - Rated 10 Jul 2011
"GOOD: It's in color, 24fps; BAD: Weird, bizarre, over-the-top, dry black humor, cheezy, no point"
75 39% Green Lantern (2011) - Rated 21 Jun 2011
"GOOD:Special Effects-Ring constructs,jets,Sinestro,Human Villain,Actress calling out Hal in costume; BAD:Cosmic Villain (Parallax) talking cloud,Story(didn't flow,scenes disconnected),Too campy (Kilowog voice/training, Earth buddy),Humor,Cookie cutter characters (govt, scientist, Senator),Predictable,Voice acting stereotypical,Father story,Score (music),Hal unlikable,Special Effects:Parallax,Guardians,Training not believable,Narrator,Didn't explain ring powers (wormholes, universal translation)"
75 39% Super 8 (2011) - Rated 15 Jun 2011
"GOOD:Primary boy/girl, boy's dad,didn't show the monster too soon,Pacing was good ; BAD:Trying to be ET (main actor looks like Elliott),Monster boring,no feeling for it,motivation? Very stereotypical creature,Kids cussed too much,Humor,Monster reveal anticlimactic,Dogs missing never explained,Kids seemed too smart,Girl's dad a bad actor,Govt overly evil,"mint" not used frequently in 80's,Too much len's flare,trying too hard to capture Spielberg,Train crash too dramatic,White cube device wasted"
95 73% X-Men: First Class (2011) - Rated 14 Jun 2011
"GOOD: Special Effects,Eric/X/Azazel/Bacon,Magneto Powers,Acting,Cameos,Pacing/Plot,Brutal at times (Azazel dropping people, Magneto hunt) ; BAD:Plot Holes: No Emma Fed escape?Magneto quickly track down the Nazis?,Silly X-men: screaming guy,winged stripper,hurricane guy,Throwing into real-life conflicts seemed forced,Missed opportunity to connect to X-men inspiration(Civil Rights),Beast/(red) Magneto costume didn't translate well to real-life,looked cheezy"
87 61% Bridesmaids (2011) - Rated 01 Jun 2011
"GOOD: funny, good chemistry w/ most girls, not always hollywood plot endings ; BAD: Sometimes gross out humor too gross, "virgin" and "slutty" girls unnecessary"
87 61% Thor (2011) - Rated 09 May 2011
"GOOD: Special effects,Action scenes,Acting,the Destroyer (robot),Loki makes a good, smart villain.More nuanced,subtle than most villains,Brought cheesy superhero to the real world,Good balance between Asgard and Earth ; BAD: Stock evil villains (blue Frost Giants),no backstory or appeal,3 Warriors (friends) were kinda silly and had cheap costumes.Didn't seem threatening and were more used for comic relief,Too predictable,Humor wasn't good, too campy,Destroyer fight should have been more epic"
60 24% Fast Five (2011) - Rated 03 May 2011
"GOOD: + Special Effects: looked good, not fake + Fight scenes: seemed real, brutal ; BAD: - Acting was horrible across the board, especially the Rock - Plot holes were HUGE! (when in the heck did the female change teams? why burn $$) - Agents were way too easily turned to the other team - Too much male angst, seemed forced - Too many characters - Way too fake (disappearing safe) - Hate how they tried to make stealing morally ok, since the drug dealers were worse"