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76 T9 The Deepest Breath (2023) - Aug 04, 2023
"Beautifully filmed, interesting documentary."
75 T8 Oppenheimer (2023) - Jul 21, 2023
"Quite magnificent and worth experiencing in cinemas. It does suffer from typical Nolan annoyances (fairly bland female characters, archetypical characters, not the greatest writing or dialogue and convoluted plotting), but it also features Nolan's strengths (such as magnificent visuals, mostly immersive sounds and interesting subject material). All in all worth experiencing and better than I had expected. A not too typical Hollywood biopic, which is nice to see."
70 T5 The Look of Silence (2014) - Jul 01, 2023
"This film is important as a historical document. However, that doesn't mean I particularly enjoyed it. I was put off by the traditionalist style of documentary filmmaking. I think a lot of the sequences about the family could have been shorter, or extra's and not part of the main film. The main part of the film are the interviews with the murderers, which are interesting and shocking. But it obviously isn't pleasant material and it also makes the film quite frustrating to watch."
37 T1 The Lobster (2015) - Jun 30, 2023
"It starts out with some fun ideas, but it quickly turns boring, dry, bleak and humorless. All characters are boring and unlikeable, the colour palette is drab, the plot is bad and turns uninteresting fast and the running time is way too long. I did not find much smart satire here, nor humour. A joyless, dull film that is a huge waste of time."
73 T7 Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom (2019) - Jun 30, 2023
"Heartwarming film. Recommended."
65 T4 Gûzen to sôzô (2021) - Jun 28, 2023
"Well acted, filmed and executed. I thought the first story was a bit stupid and uninteresting story wise. The second one I enjoyed more and the third one I thought was a bit boring."
36 T1 Dogville (2003) - Jun 28, 2023
"Bla bla bla. The filming style was nausea and headache inducing and the writing so bad it made me want to vomit. Fuck Lars von Trier and his pretentious idiocy. I gave up after about 20 minutes. For every minute I'd have continued the score would probably drop further to 0."
76 T9 Woman (2019) - Jun 28, 2023
"I thought this was a lot more interesting than 'Human'. Interesting."
38 T1 Water Lilies (2007) - Jun 28, 2023
"Boring and badly written. Made by a then 29-year old lesbian director lusting over these young girls and then dating one of the 18 year old leads doesn't sit right me. What if a straight male directed this and then dated Adèle Haenel with a similar age difference? That feels wrong to me. Regardless, the plot and characters are boring and nonsensical and it doesn't go anywhere. Avoid."
64 T4 Weathering with You (2019) - Jun 26, 2023
"Disappointing, especially after watching the much superior 'Your Name'. It gets predictable fast, with bad writing, uninteresting cardboard characters and a fairly ridiculous plot and definitely ridiculous ending. I also thought the music was way too much. It only gets points for animation and some points for ambiance. Not recommended."