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3% Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor (2001) - Rated 05 Oct 2007
"Bay directs the slaughter by air of hundreds of sailors with the same weight that he directs giant robot-cars punching each other in their metallic faces. In other words, Michael Bay is a sociopath, which is seemingly at odds with his desire to slather every one of his pictures with a treacly sentimentality -- what, I presume, he most closely approximates human emotion to be, the better to distract us from his own glaring lack of it."
100 97% Dogville Dogville (2003) - Rated 08 Jun 2009
"Well, that was the most fucked-up community production of Our Town I'VE ever seen."
100 97% Syndromes and a Century Syndromes and a Century (2006) - Rated 03 Sep 2009
"More tonal poem than narrative, Syndromes's bifurcated structure explores the distance between the fertile/feminine, the mechanical/masculine. The camera proves a medium between the two, capturing the same exchanges from startling, unexpected angles. The visual convergence of solar eclipse and dark pipe suggests a blurring of time and space and even subjectivity. Visual representation of Buddhist cyclicality, rural/urban discordance, our inability to learn from our mistakes? Dunno, but I love it"