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78 T7 Brothers (2009) - Dec 05, 2011
"I really like this film, because it tackles a 'real issue' well. Whilst I still cant get my head around Natalie Portman fancying Maguire, everyones performance in this film was strong, and the two two young girls are simply terrific. They have a crucial role in bringing the reality of the situation home, and they do it in the most endearing, touching and believeable way. The script is a little wooden and heavy handed with the lighter moments working better than the more emotional scenes. "
70 T5 Paper Man (2009) - Dec 04, 2010
"It would be easy to list the flaws in this movie, but the absolutely superb acting of Daniels and Stone shine through and make this a really emotional, enjoyable and heart warming watch."
30 T1 Hereafter (2010) - Sep 05, 2011
"Supernatural thriller ? there is nothing thrilling, nor supernatural about this movie other than the first 5 minutes, which suck you in to the film (no pun intended). However, nothing else comes close to this brilliant scene, and the three narrative strands meander to a quite stunningly banal conclusion with the common link being a (different) connection to the 'hereafter'. As with any film of this type, I suspect your overall enjoyment will be lessened or heightened by your own personal beliefs"
82 T8 The Fighter (2010) - Feb 09, 2011
"This is a fantastic film that draws you in to a pretty "dislikeable" bunch of individuals, and MAKES you care. Whilst Bales performance is getting all the plaudits, it is Whalberg who is the solid anchor to the film, that everything else revolves around. Without his stoic, sensible, intelligent "heart" we wouldnt care about this bunch of losers. There is not a moment where this film loses credibility, realism, character, or indeed humour ... and the boxing scenes are great"
75 T6 The Descent (2005) - Mar 26, 2011
"The "set up" is a great scene, but the development of the charcters and their motivations is rushed to the point of not making much sense ... why was the husband in a mood? Why did Juno leave her friend? ... this lack of clarity makes for a rather contrived feel to the movie, exacerbated by ridiculously over the top "female" insensitivity and crassness .... it makes it hard to "Like" the characters and care whether they survive or not. That aside, it is a hell of a ride and really well made."