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Cinema Addict - 1381 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 27, 2008

Location: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada

Age: 37

Bio: TWITTER @BlockBuster_Guy
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I rank in tiers of 5 (so every ranking will end in either 5 or 0), decided (mostly) by the following criteria.

100-90 is OUTSTANDING: I do feel like there is such a thing as a "perfect film", but I don't dole out 100s easily. The difference between a 100 and a 95 film is a certain intangible quality I suppose, something that I know will make me always come back to it no matter what. Any film that makes a 90 and up from me is one I would either recommend to anyone in a heartbeat, or one which I feel goes far above and beyond my expectations from it.

89-80 is QUALITY: A quality film for me is one which is often a strong recommendation, a film that does its job to a higher level than the next tier, often notable for overall performances and/or production.

79-70 is SERVICEABLE: A serviceable film for me is one which does its job and is good entertainment either within its own genre or as a stand-alone film. It may or may not be recommended viewing from me, but more often than not it will be.

69-35 is AVERAGE: Since the term "average" is so wide, here is how I define it. An average film falls anywhere between something that is not a total flop and has redeeming qualities (performance, content, production, etc.), and one which has the ability to entertain most people (while potentially not being a personal recommendation).

34-0 is UNDERWHELMED: An underwhelming film is one which is forgettable. It either has no redeeming qualities, or its positive qualities do not outweigh the negative ones. At their worst, movies in this category offend me as a movie-watcher.

more Recent Ratings

70 42% Bones and All (2022) - Nov 28, 2022
"I'm trying to remember the last time I partook in the cannibal sub-genre of romantic dramas. Maybe RAW? This is way better than RAW, this doesn't try to tell you that you'll become a cannibal if you eat meat. Chalamet is such a presence, and I certainly found myself invested in what happened to these characters. Brilliantly shot, well-directed, but I did find the performances sometimes lacking - particularly from Taylor Russell, who I thought was great in "Words on Bathroom Walls". But I dug it!"
80 70% The Menu (2022) - Nov 20, 2022
"My predisposition to liking this due to the cast aside, I was genuinely impressed. I gave myself to this goofy concept fully, and I guess the sheer magnetism of the combination of Fiennes, ATJ and Hoult kept it afloat even as the exposition ramped up and the dust settled on the narrative. Mylod is known mostly for television - indeed this felt like it could have been formatted as a miniseries - but he nails the atmosphere and the comedy, even if the social commentary is a tad undercooked."
80 70% Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) - Nov 19, 2022
"Exceptionally well made, which is no surprise from Coogler, and laced throughout by the tangible sadness of Boseman's loss. I'm a fan of the symbolism of the "antagonists" being in water, water being reflective of self and the two nations being such mirror images of each other. Unfortunately, what can't be helped is the irreplaceable absence of the franchise star, and I simply wasn't as interested without him there. Also, I really could have done without the exposition fairy mid-credits scene."
70 42% Black Adam (2022) - Oct 21, 2022
"Exists in a pretty unique space in terms of the superhero genre. I'd describe the film's pace as either "breakneck" or "it doesn't have any", as it slams wildly through plot points like BA through bedroom walls. But there was a lot of fun to be had here. Johnson embraces the role to the point where it doesn't feel like "The Rock playing a super hero". By and large the visuals are great, aside from some moments of wonky CGI. Pedestrian screenplay but stuffed full of world-building and fun ideas."
30 9% Halloween Ends (2022) - Oct 19, 2022
"Did it, though? Did it really come to a spine-chilling climax? Y'know I re-read my "Halloween Kills" review and ask, "how did they manage to wring most of the few good things about THAT movie, OUT of this one?" I don't care about this "young man has problems, becomes serial killer" archetype, and I don't particularly care about this Halloween movie that ISN'T about Michael Myers. Like the last one, it has some ideas but it just wants to express them, not explore them. Kill quality dropped, too."
70 42% Amsterdam (2022) - Oct 13, 2022
"Can I call this a pity 70? Possibly. I so wanted this to be better than what it was, but that makes it sound like I disliked it, which I didn't. I adore the cast, I enjoy David O. Russell and his movies, and this is well conceived and well made. I guess I just didn't like how it told its story. It's fun, but not as fun as it feels like it could/should be. It's interesting, but again, not as much as it could/should be. It's "American Hustle" without the je-ne-sais-quoi that made that movie work."
75 55% Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) - Oct 07, 2022
"In a way, the movie this reminds me of the most is 2014's Birdman, with the caveat that I realized MUCH quicker with this one, that I respect it more than love it. I respect the artistic direction, I respect the willingness to go more and more absurd, and I even respect the hustle of "hey, multiverse, that's hot right now, let's do that". But I can't pretend that this was more than a visually-interesting, unique movie, that I feel completely detached from emotionally. It didn't get me there."
70 42% See How They Run (2022) - Sep 27, 2022
"Witty Repartee: The Movie, and I say that in a loving way. Strong ensemble cast led by Rockwell, Ronan, and Brody; Ronan is probably the standout. This "whodunit within a whodunit" may not have enough meat on the bone for a lot of viewers, especially in an American audience that does, as the movie proclaims, tend to need more action, but it breezed along at a fairly quick pace, filled with snappy dialogue. Being obviously & explicitly meta can often be quite lame - but it's a benefit here."
30 9% Private Property (2022) - Sep 26, 2022
"It's not a question of "is this going to be bad?", it's a question of "how bad is this going to get?" Sounds like it was mixed with everything jacked up to 11, except the voice tracks. Our "landscape architect" is a bad actor whose only compelling quality is that he's there and he does, in fact, have a beard. How is that going to seduce Ashley Benson? It has ambition, and if this had done ANYTHING actually interesting in it's first hour, it may have earned some intrigue from its final act. Alas."
80 70% Pearl (2022) - Sep 25, 2022
"(Watched, will review in full in conjunction with X) • Ti West is very talented and aptly juxtaposes Pearl's beautiful fantasy delusions with the real world she's living in. • Realizing now just how long I've liked Mia Goth. • Continuous shots!"