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I rank in tiers of 5 (so every ranking will end in either 5 or 0), decided (mostly) by the following criteria.

100-90 is OUTSTANDING: I do feel like there is such a thing as a "perfect film", but I don't dole out 100s easily. The difference between a 100 and a 95 film is a certain intangible quality I suppose, something that I know will make me always come back to it no matter what. Any film that makes a 90 and up from me is one I would either recommend to anyone in a heartbeat, or one which I feel goes far above and beyond my expectations from it.

89-80 is QUALITY: A quality film for me is one which is often a strong recommendation, a film that does its job to a higher level than the next tier, often notable for overall performances and/or production.

79-70 is SERVICEABLE: A serviceable film for me is one which does its job and is good entertainment either within its own genre or as a stand-alone film. It may or may not be recommended viewing from me, but more often than not it will be.

69-35 is AVERAGE: Since the term "average" is so wide, here is how I define it. An average film falls anywhere between something that is not a total flop and has redeeming qualities (performance, content, production, etc.), and one which has the ability to entertain most people (while potentially not being a personal recommendation).

34-0 is UNDERWHELMED: An underwhelming film is one which is forgettable. It either has no redeeming qualities, or its positive qualities do not outweigh the negative ones. At their worst, movies in this category offend me as a movie-watcher.

more Recent Ratings

90 93% Dune: Part Two (2024) - 03 Mar 2024
"Dune Part Two is a definitive monument to the genre created by a masterful director and creative force at the peak of his power. While being more accessible than the first in its narrative, it nonetheless shines in telling its story. I love the progression of Paul and Jessica as characters, as they tumble down the spire of religious zealotry and personal exceptionalism. This didn't overstay its welcome or feel anywhere near its runtime, and needless to say, but Part 3 cannot arrive soon enough."
75 56% The Madones (2024) - 19 Feb 2024
"So Barrie Dunn has legitimate talent as a filmmaker. Why is he not working WAY more? And Lucy Decoutere is absolutely dynamite as a semi-suicidal schizophrenic competing with the voices in her head. This family drama with black comedy overtones delivers heavily on intrigue with a solid screenplay and believable, if a little hyperbolic, performances. In the end, it all comes back to Dunn's vision and composed direction, even though the narrative does begin to struggle in the second half. See it!"
75 56% Bob Marley: One Love (2024) - 17 Feb 2024
"Okay I now fully understand why critics are frustrated by this. It was absolutely their expectation, maybe rightfully so, that this was a rich, full-life biopic of Marley. It isn't. It hyper-focuses on the years leading up to the One Love concert and "Exodus". They wanted it to have more teeth. I can appreciate that. But I also deeply appreciate what this movie ACTUALLY is on the screen. Kingsley Ben-Adir and Lashana Lynch soar. An incomplete picture, most certainly, but a wonderful experience."
55 20% Madame Web (2024) - 16 Feb 2024
"I think if you're not committed to disliking this (and a lot of people are), you can probably find the pathway to enjoying it. I don't love how it tells its story, it gives nothing any time to breathe, there's no subtlety in its execution - it's cheesy and quick and often suspect in its performances. It stops short of begging to be fast-tracked into the MCU, BUT, it isn't abysmal and it COULD go in interesting directions. Maybe. Ignore the NSA spy stuff, it's just kinda there and it's weird."
70 42% Lisa Frankenstein (2024) - 10 Feb 2024
"Strikes me very much as a divisive movie - not because it's particularly challenging, but because I don't predict much middle-ground reaction-wise; you are either on-board with this premise and how goofy its execution is, or, you aren't (and you're probably gonna hate this as a result). I am on board! It's silly and it's trying to be, which is at least a moderate success, plus it achieves and maintains a fun tone even with murder, decapitation, and eventual corpse husbandry (literally). See it!"
75 56% Argylle (2024) - 09 Feb 2024
"I rather enjoyed this! I didn't know it was in the universe that it's in, that's my fault/ignorance, but yeah, it's a lot of fun with an unconventional-for-this-genre lead in BDH, all the convolution you'd expect from a spy thriller, and Matthew Vaughn stylishness. Though admittedly, there was too much green-screening and CGI (especially with the cat) which did at times lend the movie the wrong kind of campiness and immersion-shattering. But I'm keen for what's coming next from this universe!"
70 42% I.S.S. (2024) - 24 Jan 2024
"ISS mostly justifies its intriguing premise with its intensity, paranoia, and claustrophobia. This is probably getting a friendly bounce from me into green-spectrum, I just plain really dig real-world Sci-Fi (and space movies in general, let's not nit-pick here). Its brisk runtime could have stood an extra 10 minutes or so, a few extra scenes to flesh out the sinking terror of the decisions these characters are put in front of, and admittedly the third act is clearly the weakest. Still dug it."
60 25% Night Swim (2024) - 20 Jan 2024
"Bryce McGuire gets his turn to have his short film adapted into a BH feature, and I continue my streak of starting new film years with average horror. At the very least, this is visually interesting (spending so much time in water helps), keeps its tension mostly intact throughout, and doesn't have a ton of wonky horror movie logic. Wyatt Russell actually does solid work with this material. It's made by people who actually care about doing a good job; more than a lot of modern horror can say."
85 85% The Holdovers (2023) - 12 Jan 2024
""Without exercise, the body devours itself". Alexander Payne presents an exercise in delight. This took me to my happy place. The interactions between Giamatti and Dominic Sessa were really fantastic, but Da'Vine Joy Randolph absolutely steals the show in this new Christmas classic that doubly serves as an ode to a generation of filmmaking. Misery loves company, and family is who you make it. I wish every screenplay was this good, and I hope movies like this are made for generations to come."
80 70% Past Lives (2023) - 09 Jan 2024
"I think this hits you a certain kinda way if you've been in LDRs in your own "past lives" - that gives you a different layer of investment in what are already very investment-worthy characters. This is made with passion from writer and first-time director Celine Song, featuring a dynamite pairing of Greta Lee and Teo Yoo. John Magaro's portrayal of the conflicted husband also deserves recognition; what a position to be in and find any way to maintain your dignity. This was as good as advertised."