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Currently watching all Academy Award winners for Best Original Screenplay in chronological order and other top movies from each respective year. Also watching Directing credits of Akira Kurosawa.

I love movies. There's some sort of energy that makes me gravitate toward a quality film; I almost feel like something is missing from my life if I don't see a movie that is new to me at least once a week. Making lists and rating movies is a passionate hobby.

As far as my ratings go, anything over 50 in a genre of interest is worth a watch and a 70 or above is a definite recommendation. Anything less? You can save your time for much better films.

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93 94% Manhattan Manhattan (1979) - Rated 18 Aug 2011
"One of Allen's many love letters to NYC, the Gershwin score and B&W cinematography are beautiful. The acting is natural on all parts and the complex relationships are believable. Whereas Annie Hall looked at how difficult it can be to build a perfect partnership, Manhattan flips the idea on its head and explores the idea of happiness being the single most important part of forming a lasting bond. Kinetic, charming and warm, this is a Woody that is less pessimistic and comes out more likable."
2% Ghost Rider Ghost Rider (2007) - Rated 15 Aug 2008
"'Boring' is such a boring word and usually implies that the viewer had a hard time paying attention to the movie. Not in this case. It's not a slow-burner that required the audience to focus, it's just a muddled sea of craptastic one-liners and awful effects. I get kind of itchy and hot around the neck just thinking about the blury/smokey visuals. Quite possibly the worst comic book movie I've ever seen and that's disappointing because the Rider has the potential to be a cool movie character."
3% The Animal The Animal (2001) - Rated 29 Aug 2008
"Schneider is as shameless as ever in another lowbrow physical comedy full of vulgarity and stereotypes. You may get a laugh or two because of how stupid it is, but once you realize that you found any humor buried in this trash you'll instantly become ashamed. No human involved with this project should be proud of it. Even the animals give the best performances."
94 95% Take Shelter Take Shelter (2011) - Rated 16 Feb 2012
"It's not about the storm. This is one of the most touching films about family, trust and understanding that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. The relationship between Curtis and Sam takes us through the emotional wringer, powered by impeccable performances from Shannon and Chastain. Curtis's unraveling and obsession with the shelter is riveting, to be sure, but more poignant is the honesty and commitment of this 21st century American family in the face of medical and economic hardships."
51 22% Teen Witch Teen Witch (1989) - Rated 01 Nov 2008
"IM HAWT & UR NOT!! Top that suckaaaaa! This movie will always be remembered for the outrageously "funky" (awkward) rap battle and tons of 80s-riffic pop songs. There are so many tunes it's practically a musical. It's one of those things that's best to watch with a group of people and play a drinking game while poking fun at it. Take a shot every time there's a weirdly-placed music number or a close-up on Louise's legs! Not a classic, but gets points for dumb fun and sexy redhead Robyn Lively."
92 92% Drive Drive (2011) - Rated 20 Sep 2011
"Driver's strong silence is that of a classic masculine film protagonist who chooses his words wisely. When he speaks, it's with a purpose; when he looks you in the eye, you damn well better listen. His bold, visceral reactions may shock, but show that he has a heart. There's a slick 80s style from the synth-pop soundtrack and hot-pink font, to Driver's scorpion bomber jacket. It's a sexy film without any sex; it's violent, though that violence happens in quick spikes. Daring and unforgettable."