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Cinema Addict - 2417 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 14, 2008

Location: VA, USA

Age: 36

Bio: Co-host of The Oscar Worsty Podcast: https://linktr.ee/Oscarworstypod

Currently watching all Academy Award winners for Best Animated Feature in chronological order and other top movies from each respective year. Also watching Directing credits of selected Academy Award winning actors.

I love movies. There's some sort of energy that makes me gravitate toward a quality film; I almost feel like something is missing from my life if I don't see a movie that is new to me at least once a week. Making lists and rating movies is a passionate hobby.

As far as my ratings go, anything over 50 in a genre of interest is worth a watch and a 70 or above is a definite recommendation. Anything less? You can save your time for much better films.

more Recent Ratings

86 79% Tár (2022) - Feb 03, 2023
70 40% Night Ride (2020) - Feb 02, 2023
50 20% The Flying Sailor (2022) - Feb 02, 2023
73 47% Elvis (2022) - Feb 01, 2023
"Austin Butler does a great job and this movie is super entertaining, fully capturing the vibe and energy of Elvis as a performer. Luhrmann's grandiose style is perfect for this and so many real life sequences are faithfully recreated. I also love how the soundtrack blends old r&b tunes with modern hip-hop, effectively demonstrating Black influence on rock music. The decision to make the Colonel the narrator though is a bad one, as Tom Hanks gives one of the worst performances of his career."
78 56% Fire of Love (2022) - Jan 31, 2023
"A very interesting story and presentation with some terrific, vibrant, and occasionally frightening visuals. Would be elevated by a better narrator and soundtrack."
79 59% Top Gun: Maverick (2022) - Jan 29, 2023
"It's a great action film and a technologically improved 80s throwback in almost every way. The story is serviceable, if largely predictable. It's basically the first Top Gun blended with the original Star Wars. The highlights are the high-speed, sharply filmed jet scenes and Cruise/Connelly/Teller really selling the emotion in their roles. I enjoyed myself, even if I think the appeal is a little exaggerated by the box office performance and Best Picture nomination."
80 62% Rango (2011) - Jan 25, 2023
"This movie is bizarre. Over a decade after its release, I'm still not sure who the audience is. I suppose it's a children's film, but it's essentially a reference-heavy parody of 60 years of Westerns (and Chinatown). It also has some racy jokes right out of the gate. Upsides include incredible (if occasionally disturbing) animation, voice acting, and scene framing/cinematography (advised by Sir Roger Deakins). If nothing else, I admire the unconventional concept from a big Nickelodeon release."
86 79% The Great Debaters (2007) - Jan 24, 2023
40 14% Inkheart (2008) - Jan 20, 2023
"An unfortunately rushed adaptation of a book that was more about literature, relationships, and humanity than the action and suspense that this aims for. All the characters thoughts, feelings, and story subtext are explained through rapid-fire dialogue in an attempt to keep the audience informed. Bettany and Broadbent are highlights (Mirren is misused), but wasted by poor direction and bumbling co-stars."
85 76% Decision to Leave (2022) - Jan 19, 2023
"A beautiful and sad film that is a little confusing at times (though that's partially because I'm an English speaking person attempting to keep up with a quick and twisting plot through subtitles), but becomes all the more brilliant and affecting on a re-watch. Camera work and lighting are standouts in the production. The acting is perfect across the board."